Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simply Made Sunday!

One of our fun *in-the-kitchen (sort of!)* moments was making our own mini Strawberry Shortcakes! They were really yummy, but now my lil one only wants to eat her strawberries with "sour cream." I tried to teach her it's whipped cream, but every time she opens the fridge and pulls out the strawberries she still asks for sour cream.
I bought the ready-to-eat round pound cakes to use for the individual servings of the shortcake. Add some rediwhipp and cut up some fresh strawberries and you're all set. Not exactly from scratch, but still delicious!

Even one of the cats got in on it, how could he possibly resist? Mmmmn.


  1. Strawberry shortcake is my sbsolute favorite ever!! I'll have to do this. Any you have an adorable sous chef!

  2. OH my gosh!! That cat cracks me up--looks like something you'd see at our house:-). Gotta tell you, I got a laugh out of the BK cup by the plate too.

    Your little girl is so cute putting those strawberries on.

    We LOVE strawberries!

  3. She is so cute! That's a great idea. My daughter is a strawberry lover. I bet she'd be in heaven with that little treat.


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