Wednesday, June 3, 2009

D@mn, it's hot!

So my plan is to avoid turning on the AC until the official after-noon hours. It's 11:10AM right now and almost 80 degrees. INSIDE. What the heck? I'm not ready for this.

Yes, yes, I know summer has been creeping up on us for a while now. And yes, I know I live in the South. And believe me, I love it. I really do. But this heat. Come on, now. It's a bit ridiculous. It's barely June. Whew.

I want to take my daughter outside, but instead I'm sitting here listening as she's watching that annoying Special Agent Oso (Rudy!!!!) and I don't even mind.

Hubby bought a canopy for outside, so I have high hopes that once I learn how to get the thing together I'll be able to sit outside and play with her, with some shelter for us both. Or at least me. The heat doesn't seem to bother her tiny body. That's great and all, but I'm breaking out under my glasses from a few walks in the afternoon. Yeesh.

And so, for now, I have the fan running and I think I can make it another 48 minutes before clicking that button to Cool. The hose and baby pool (or even water table) are great ways to cool down. And today I'll stay off the phone so when she sprays me with the hose I won't mind one bit! Hang in there, everyone!

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