Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Domestic Goddess move of the week!

So this week I was being really proactive when it came to laundry. Now that my dryer is working I figured I'd get on it and get things done! Yahoo! A mom with a mission!

So I was doing a few regular loads of family stuff, and then decided that I'd try to empty this random, poorly used laundry basket that was shoved into the guest room quite some time ago. I pulled out one of those Vellux blankets, you know, the super soft kind? We used to have two of them (one is MIA right now) and so I took this one and tossed it into the machine with some *free* detergent, you know the kind, the one in the white bottle? I pretty much buy any brand as long as it's clear and free, which = white bottle.

Anyway, I run it through and that evening I head upstairs to take it out and hang it over the shower curtain rod in the guest bathroom. Open the washer up and ...


Seriously. The thing was shredded to pieces. I mean completely. I started cracking up. If you had overheard me you would have thought I lost my mind in my laundry room. And for a minute there, I might have.

I grabbed a garbage bag (thank goodness there was one upstairs) and started digging it out of the machine. Scooping. Grabbing. Whatever I could do to get that cr@p out of there. I got most of it, but seriously was in shock that this blanket was so old and in such bad shape that a run through the washer could tear it to shreds. I guess it's time for some new blankets, or I should check all the ones I have and see how they hold up in the wash cycle.

In the meantime, if you have an old softy blanket like this, be careful if you want to clean it. I honestly was just planning to use it for indoor/backyard picnics, and I probably could have left it as ickky as it was, but instead, well, I wound up with an adventure in the laundry room.

Hope you enjoyed my Domestic Goddess move of the week!

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  1. What a mess! Sounds almost like the washing machine had blades on it!! Hope you have new blankets's getting cold out!


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