Monday, May 4, 2009

Addicted to Coupons

Seriously, I am.

I always have been. When I lived at home with my parents I would clip and organize Qs for my mom, although she didn't always use them. So now I'm even worse. There is almost nothing as satisfying as finding out the total amount saved when you've submitted your coupons to a grocery order. It's incredible!

Lately I've been ordering my groceries online, as I posted once before. So I submit the Qs and they're applied to my next order. It's pretty cool. Last week my husband brought them in a little late, and when the e-mail arrived crediting me for over $18 towards my next order I was practically singing! Hooray!

I just submitted another grocery order today, and I tallied up my Qs before he brings them in tomorrow, and I'm coming in at OVER $20!!! WOO HOO! So exciting!

I've even participated in coupon swaps with my fellow TriangleMommies. And I'm in the process of mailing out some of my extras in exchange for some that I really need, want and can use doubles, triples and quadruples of!

Is it lame? Sure. Is it dorky? Sure. Am I nutty? Yep. And proud of it. When it comes to saving money, there is no greater feeling! Especially for a non-working-mom who feels the need to contribute to the household budget in some way. I'll have to start tallying my savings each order and feel even better about it as the months go by! Yahoo!

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