Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Free Write: Summer Writer's Block

Ugh. It stinks.

Summer Writer's Block.

I'm living it right now.

I have three posts in draft form in my batter's circle and I simply cannot push publish on any of them.

They just don't mesh with what I feel like saying or sharing right now.

One of them is a book list that's unfinished.

You'd be surprised at how much work book list posts are.

I know, I'm not trying to say oh-woe-is-me. I promise. I love talking books. Simply love it. But to make that beneficial to me and my site I need to really work hard at giving you more than a list of books or some pretty covers to look at.

Or do I? What do you like about book lists and recommendations?

It's been a while since I've done a book review. Possibly since before March. I've had a lot of stuff going on in my world and books have not been at the top of my list when it comes to things to talk about. I've written lists, whoa - how many times can I type the word list anyway?

This is definitely turning into more of a free-write kind of post. Which is fine. It's like Free Write Friday. Huh. Maybe I'm on to something? Are you in?
My daughter comes home today, y'all.

I cannot be happier.

I am already crying.

I've missed her so freaking much. And yes, for the first week or so you CAN remind me of this when I'm like, OMGAH, this child and yadda yadda.

But after that no. You cannot. Because I can love love love and miss my kid in the worst way and still struggle as a mom. And no shame there. We all do.

So, what's with adult acne, btw?

I'm not suffering horribly, but I don't understand why it's allowed to exist. Because when I break out and realize I'm forty-freaking-four? I get pissed. Cranky. Just plain annoyed.

And then I bust out all the products.

Well, not really. Because I work from home and haven't left the house much this week. Except for when my incredible friend Kate of Life of a Ginger took me to pick up my dogs from the vet where they were boarded while I went to the Postpartum Support International (PSI) Conference in Philly.

Whew. That's a mouthful of a sentence or two there.

Kate is pretty freaking amazing. She knows her stuff. Go say hi and tell her I sent you. You'll find some delicious looking recipes on her site. So. Yeah. Go forth and make all the things. (Especially the drinks, y'all. Seriously.)

I have another post in my drafts about some key takeaways from the PSI Conference. And even more importantly I had such an incredible time with 3/4 of the rest of my very own dream team. My colleagues and I spoke about self-disclosure and boundaries in both peer and clinical support. 

I'm damned proud of the work that we do. And the presentation that we gave. And the facilitating of the questions afterwards.

I also had an opportunity to work with Dr. Kat Kaeni who I simply adore. My goodness, you guys, if you ever meet someone whose spirit you simply FEEL when you hug them? Kat is that kind of woman. I kind of wish I lived in California so she could be my therapist. Ehem. That's awkward, though, because I also want to be her bestie and hang out w. her all the time.

Anyway, I just fell down the rabbit hole of researching all of the amazing clinicians I met and worked with and bonded with over the week/weekend in Philly, and so at this point I'm thinking I should wrap things up and actually hit publish on this post.

Hope you're all doing well. Hope you've got lots going on. And hope you're staying cool - because dang, friends, it's freaking hotter-n-heck here in NC this week. Chat soon!

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