Tuesday, May 2, 2017

So Many Firsts

Life is ever changing.

We never really know what will come next.

Things shift. People adjust. And we hopefully find ourselves standing on the other side of it all.

I am someone who often writes from the heart here in my space.

I share a lot about who I am, what I do, where my heart falls.

And in doing so I give my friends a new perspective of what my life looks like. And I open it up to strangers, too. You, dear readers, however many of you there might be on a given day - or week - or month, even - you get to see where I'm coming from.

And of late I'm experiencing so many firsts.

Like a newborn, opening my eyes and seeing what surrounds me. Taking it all in.

Like an infant, reaching out and holding on. Pulling myself up by whatever is nearby.

Like a toddler, taking steps for the first time. Wobbly. Uncertain. Unsure. But still. Moving forward.

Like a child, letting go of their mother's hand as they walk into their kindergarten class. And like the mother, walking away and holding back tears until out of the child's line of sight.

So many firsts.

The first decision I made. The first deep breath I took. The first time I truly realized exactly how things were now going to be.

The first steps after loss. The moments in which I recognized how strong I truly am. The first time I forgot that strength and leaned on those who surround me in hopes that they would lift me up. And lift me they did. And do.

So many firsts.

We're supposed to experience them always. For the rest of our lives. So many new things. So many changes. So many ebbs and flows.

So many firsts.

Even when they're not what we planned them to be - we can still look forward and believe that they will turn into what we want - they will change us for the better.

They. Simply. Will.

So many firsts.

And so many more to come.
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