Thursday, March 2, 2017

Postpartum Mental Health Resources

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To those of you out there today sad and hurting? I am thinking of you.

But I pause and share a very important reminder to the women out there who are worried about the moms who need help?


I don't mean this in a condescending way, but yes, I do know how it sounds.

Except I said it to myself.

Keep reading. I literally just Googled. For like an hour (give or take). I searched for the following terms and these are the sites and resources I found. And look, really look. Because Postpartum Progress is among them. The site still stands. The information is STILL there. Mamas in need, their family members, loved ones? They will find help.

search term: do i have postpartum depression

BabyCenter: Could You Have Postpartum Depression (PPD)?

BabyCenter: How Can I Tell If I Have Postpartum Depression?

The Postpartum Stress Center: Do I Have PPD?

American Pregnancy Association: Do I Have A Form of Postpartum Depression?

What To Expect: Recognizing and Treating Postpartum Depression (PPD)

search term: postpartum depression help

Postpartum Support International: Postpartum Support

March of Dimes: Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Progress: Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Support Groups in the US/Canada

Helpguide: Postpartum Depression and The Baby Blues, Tips To Help You Cope

Little Angels: Postpartum Depression Treatment

search term: postpartum depression 

Postpartum Progress: Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in Plain Mama English

Baby Center: Postpartum Depression Resources

WebMD: Postpartum Depression Health Center

Mayo Clinic: Definition/Symptoms/Info on Postpartum Depression

National Institute of Mental Health: Postpartum Depression Facts

search term: i think my wife has postpartum depression 

Seleni Institute:  When You're Worried Your Wife Has Postpartum Depression

Psychology Today: For Dads: What To Do, What Not To Do When Your Wife Has PPD

Postpartum Progress:  6 Dads Tell All About Helping Their Wives Through Postpartum Depression

search term: am I going crazy?

WebMD: What 'Am I Crazy?' Really Means

search term: I hate my baby

Huffington Post: It's Okay To Hate Your Baby

search term: how long do the baby blues last

American Pregnancy Association: Baby Blues: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Remember ...

The mamas out there are not alone. They will never be alone. 

Because the resources are out there, the women are out there, YOU ARE OUT THERE.

The mamas will not lose their way. We will stand together and make sure of it.


  1. I'm pretty sure I had it with my last child and went undiagnosed. Somehow, I survived it and came out the other side. A neighbor who's a psychotherapist hinted at it, but she never really pressed, so I just lived life one day at a time.

    I found solace in writing.


  2. You are an incredible advocate and friend to so many, Andrea. I hope you know that. Mental health matters, and so do you. Sending so many hugs. xo


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