Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why I Still Attend Blogging Conferences

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Blogging conferences mean different things to different people. Just like people have different reasons that they continue to blog. I still blog for so many reasons, but why I do may not be why you do - and that's completely okay. So we take a moment or two to recognize that people attend conferences for a number of reasons. And while I might not agree with them all, I understand they exist.

Because the Internet is interesting.

Some find benefits in conferences of all sizes.

Others decide that the larger events are not for them.

Some go for the swag (yes, they are out there - don't pretend that they're not).

Some go for the learning.

Many, like myself, tend to find that they attend for the people.

I vary between years where I might make it to one conference, and others, like this one, where I have what seems like way too many scheduled. My travel plans are completely nuts, but I'm still pretty excited.

Yesterday I went into Manhattan to attend my second Type-A NYC event. I was excited because I'm a big fan of one day conferences. I don't know, maybe it's the smaller amount of attendees that does it for me, but I really seem to get more out of them. Connection-wise, and information-wise.

Last year's NYC conference was just the perfect thing for me, although my very favorite "bootcamp" (honestly not even sure that they're called that anymore!) was in Walt Disney World. The magical location held nothing on the experience of the conference and the parks with some of my people who are just the best people ever.

There are different takeaways from events you attend. Different formats for conferences. Differences across the board. But that's what makes everything unique and unique is good - right?

So, while yesterday was not an event overloaded with sponsors and swag, it was an event loaded with people I enjoyed connecting with and brains I benefitted from picking.

And friends.

Connecting with my friends is one of my favorite things about conferences. Making new friends is a definite bonus, too. Because new friends become old friends. Long-time friends. And yes, perhaps I could just try to pull together a weekend getaway, but that's less likely to be a priority for every.single.person I'd love to see.

And while yesterday's event was a bit smaller than your typical blogging conference, I reconnected with some people I had met only once before, met some new people I'd either crossed paths with quickly or had only heard of, and spent a little bit of time with some people I already adore.

Two of those last ones? Right here below.

I also walked away from the event with a plan. A plan with respect to my website, my business, my blog, my brand, whatever you want to call all of them. Perhaps separately they seem like the same thing - but they're different in their own ways - and they add up to one important thing.


So. This is just a small piece of why I still attend blogging conferences after working on this site since 2009. Because I have so much more to give. I'm so much more than what you see here. And sometimes, sitting at the table with the right person or people? Reminds me of that. And gets my wheels turning. And sets things in motion. And all of that happened for me after two round-tables yesterday. Which is kind of cool, don't you think?

I've got more to say on blogging conferences, and I'm headed to Los Angeles this week to attend BlogHer. I haven't been since it was in NYC in 2012, so I'm a bit nervous, very excited, and looking forward to approaching it head-on. Because back in 2012 I had a different sort of path in mind. And I was overwhelmed and slightly clueless. And now I've got a journey planned for myself. One that I'm taking steps toward. Maybe even leaps.

But the important thing I hold onto and have since long before 2012?

This blogging journey? The one filled with incredible experiences and connections and more? Is primarily what it is because of who I am. And because of the people I connect with.

More to come ... stay with me.


  1. I love attending Type-A conferences. And I do it mainly for the people. I'm attending Mom 2.0 next spring - because my blogging friends are going, and I know I'll have a blast. :) Plus it's after my baby's first birthday and I won't feel so guilty for leaving her. (Don't get me wrong. I'll feel guilty, but it'll be slightly less, I think.)

    I'm SO happy you are in NYC and soon LA!

  2. I agree about going to Type-! conferences. That's where I meet my tribe and get inspired and rejuvenated. It's usually time well spent. Oh! Must agree about the one day events as well. It forces conference organizers to present the best panels and most relevant topics. Brenda

  3. I've just been blogging since December 2015 and I attended BAM in April. That is the best thing I have done since I started. The learning, connections and friendships are invaluable!

  4. Am I the only NO? I only went to one conference and it was a 2-day Wordpress Camp. It was mostly technical, and I did not meet ONE other personal blogger. I would totally still go to BlogU though :)


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