Sunday, March 1, 2015

Five minutes in my brain.


It's 7:45am.

It's way too early for me to be up on a Sunday. 

The dogs did it. 

Well, one of them. 

Our older dog, who I love with my entire heart, wakes us up earlier on the regular and tends to cry like a baby when we leave him and his sister pup downstairs. 

So there's no (or minimal) going back to bed anymore. 

I slept in yesterday so today I came back down so my husband could get the extra rest. 

I know y'all are thinking, 7:45??? Goodness, woman, that's late!

Well - not in my house. We're lucky. Or not. We're lucky because our daughter sleeps in late. Later than late if we don't wake her sometimes. 

And we're not lucky because that means bedtime is late. 


Have you ever read my bedtime-related posts here? Let me tell you that there were many a nights I wanted to call Samuel L. Jackson and have him come read that Go the Eff to Sleep book. That might not be the exact name ... ehem. 

It's 7:48 now.

I type kind of quickly when I free write. 

Kind of just get all the words out there and breathe as I do it. Or hold my breath in until I "break" for a sec. 

The dogs are in right now. And old man pup is crying. It's this whining, wheezing, almost - kind of cry. And it makes me NUTS. 

And they're right behind me. I'm at my desk, on the laptop. They're RIGHT. THERE. RIGHT. THERE. And he whines. Poor guy. I know the day will come and he won't be here anymore and i'll bawl my eyes out like a baby and beyond. But for now I just wish the whining would be less frequent. Because I don't know what it's about when he's eaten and he's gone potty several times, and had water, and a cookie (biscuit). And what else? Oy. 

And I just remembered I've got an Oprah Chai in my fridge. 

Ahhhh. The stuff dreams are made of. 


Catch ya' later!!

Also - p.s. SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!


  1. Schooooooooool!!!!! And of course my son woke up with a low-grade fever. I'm hoping it was a fluke. It wasn't high enough to keep him home, and I'm waiting to hear from daycare to see if he'll be sent home. (My luck, he will.)

    And you are lucky for sleeping later. But late bedtime would also feel rough for me. I have to remember to go to bed earlier on the weekends if I want to sleep until 7 (because my boy wakes up before 7.)

  2. Girl please - my kid wakes me up at "A little bit in the night time" which is before 6 am.
    EVERY. DAY. And he is 6.
    It's maddening. My dog won't even get up that early.
    7:45 is like heaven for me. Oh I'd give you all the Oprah Chai Latte whattta nutta butta futta lutta to sleep in till 7:45....LOL!!!! xoxo


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