Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sometimes I just write.


TGIS, everyone. 

Yes. Sunday. 

I know. It's weird. Why would I be glad it's Sunday? 

I don't know. Or maybe I do. 

We did some sort of spring cleaning today. Which is perfect because we're expecting snow tomorrow. Yep. Snow. Tomorrow. 

Tomorrow night, though, because that makes more sense. 


Forgot to give a start time. oops. 

Anyway, sure. Since my kiddo was out and home with a low-grade fever on Thursday and Friday, and ran one yesterday but the nurse said if she woke up fever-free today we didn't have to bring her in (yay, no fever! Serious YAY!). Anyway, so now she'll head back to school tomorrow and yeah. We'll get stuck home on Tuesday due to ice or snow or nothing? Who knows? 

But ugh. Sleet. I don't want sleety icy weather. Because - boo. 

The husband is out running a few errands and I'm beyond itching to go for a quick walk. I'll probably try to bring some Girl Scout Cookies to a neighbor and get some fresh air - because I have been inside for so longgggg!!

Last night the wind was so ridiculously Wizard of Oz-like that our cable antennae blew over and cracked at an apparently unknown rusted part, so the cable was out. But yay for being fixed and yay for SNL's 40th Anniversary special tonight (And yippee yay for my brother reminding me of this!). 

And it's 4:59. 

Almost done. 

I sent the husband off to Starbucks because I have a free beverage coming my way that expires soon and DANG IT I want my iced chai latte! VENTI! (Nonfat!) BECAUSE YES. 

I wanted it yesterday but we didn't go for it. Or I didn't send him. 

Cause sick child. Mom stays home. Husband runs errands. 

Chinese food for Valentine's Day dinner. 

How was your holiday? 

I'm planning on buying myself a zoodle-maker ... zoodlizer? Fine! A zucchini noodle maker! And buying him an electric griddle. I have not been able to spell electric at least 900x over this weekend. Seriously. 

So romantic. 

And hoping to grab some half-price candy tomorrow at the grocery store. 

5:01pm. I might have gone over. Whoops. 

Happy weekend, friends. Chat atcha again soon! 

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  1. hope you guys got snow! the sleet/ice we got is no fun.


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