Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow DayS. Plural. DAYS.

Have you noticed I'm documenting more of my days this week? If you follow me on Instagram you definitely have. I think I've shared like 5 pictures a day, at least.

It's been inclement weather days here in the Triangle.

Check it ...

Fortunately the husband picked up an iced chai latte for me on Sunday. 

Starbucks, iced, chai, tea, drink, caffeine

I was able to make it last for three days.

Monday the kiddo had an early release and so we had a few hours of downtime together. 

After a lot of snacking - perhaps too much - sure - we sat down and watched part of a movie. 

animated, movies, snacking, family movie night, fun

Can you tell what it is? See - as soon as we turned it on we were sucked in. 
Even if there were about twenty minutes left. Done. These girls are the bestest. ^ 

Oh, and the snacking ...

popcorn, movies, family movie night, fun, snack

I made dinner. It was easy and delicious. 

crescent rolls, chicken, casserole, dinner, delicious, comfort food

It started snowing. Can you see it? 

snow, weather, NC, cold, winter is here

And then I had a drink before bed. 

drink, alcohol, warming beverage, cozy, winter drink, cocktail

And this was just MONDAY, my friends. The kiddo has been home since that afternoon's early release. And we've been busy. Check me out on Instagram for my sunbutter cookies and snow cream. And hot cocoa. And coffee. Lots and lots and lots of coffee.

And I'll see y'all tomorrow!


  1. Looks like a fun day and we love that movie too! I've just changed from one set of pajamas to another. I wonder if we will have snow day #3 tomorrow!

  2. Hang in, girlie!!! Snow days get rough after awhile. We [act] get tougher up in MI as the winter goes on and haven't had any this week... though I was questioning that decision this morning when the thermometer read -8. Yes. Actual. Not wind chill. That was -27. They haven't played outside all week, but at least they are learning. Good luck!!!!!!

  3. Snow days are the best and the worst! Hang in there and keep up with the coffee and snacking and fun movies :)

  4. It has been quite a week weather wise! I hope you guys are safe and warm. Thanks again for sharing my stuff!


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