Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blog Conference Fashionista

You guys, you know I'm not a fashion blogger, and that's fine. But I seriously have to tell you that I took pictures of myself at Type-A Parent Conference a few weeks ago in Atlanta and I totally felt like I was wearing the perfect thing



I totally was.

I feel a little weird posting an entire post with pictures of myself, but I know people do it all the time.

And I think for the plus-sized girls like me it might be a nice thing to see, too.

So ... here you have it ...

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One of my favorite outfits was this top (technically it's supposed to be a dress - but - yeah - no) I decided to wear on the last day of the conference. I received so many compliments on it I've decided that this blue just might be my color!

I got it at Forever 21 - a really cute store that I'm SO excited to report has plus-size clothing now.

style, fashion, conference attire, plus-size

It's easy enough to see how exhausted I was when I curled up in bed to take a breather and escape the hustle and bustle of the event. I probably should have worn this t-shirt outside a bit more, but it worked for rest and recuperation, AND was handy when I hit the hotel gym in the morning. 

If you can't fully see it, it says: I'm blogging all of this.

tee, blogging, fashion, style

You could totally skip the tee and get yourself one of these pins that pretty much say the same thing. They might fit perfectly on your conference badge or lanyard.

pin, blogger fashion accessory

It's a rather discreet accessory, don't you think? 

But back to fashion ...

I also wore this really cute floral dress from Forever 21 - if I do say so myself.

style, fashion, conference attire, plus-size

This dress was really comfortable and easy to wear. It was also incredibly easy to pack! Once I pulled it out of my suitcase I had no worries. Seriously. It unraveled and was ready to go.

I'm even more casual when it comes to shoes, and will admit to wearing either black flip-flops or black slip-on flats all weekend. I always pack a closed shoe for conferences because sometimes those meeting rooms are like ice!

Anyway, that's just some of what I wore to the conference.

What's your favorite kind of conference attire?

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  1. Great pieces! It definitely does look like you chose the perfect attire. You loo fabulous.

    Isn't it funny (or ridiculous, may be the more accurate word) how the "dresses" of today truly are more like tops? Way, way, WAY too short, regardless of age, size, style.

    The last conference I went to, Ming Wang Knits sponsored me and provided some fabulous outfits. Perhaps you should contact a brand you like and ask if they might do the same for you for the next conference. I did a pre-post of what I'd wear, a shot for social media posting each day, plus a recap post in exchange for some super (and super expensive) outfits. I contacted them, not vice versa. It's worth a shot because all they can do is say no. :-D


  2. I LOVE this...I don't know that I've ever felt like I was wearing the right thing!

  3. Man, I have never felt like I was wearing the right thing when I'm dressed up! Jealous!

  4. I haven't attended a lot of conferences so I don't have favorite attire.. Certainly something that unfurls and is ready to go like your pretty floral top. I agree that that blue dress/top looks fantastic on you.

  5. That was adorable! It beats my five-day-old-I'm-so-dirty jeans! (And not dirty in a sexy way!) LOVE the I'm blogging this! I need that on a T-shirt, I can wear it out in public and stare at people!


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