Thursday, October 2, 2014

Navigate The Blogosphere: NC Blogger Network

Are you a blogger in North Carolina?

I'm not talking about my area, specifically, but anywhere in NC - is that you?

Then you're going to want to know about the newly launched North Carolina Blogger Network.

The network is the brainchild of my friends and colleagues, Allison Barrett Carter of Go Dansker Mom and Nikol Murphy of Mom Complicated, both incredibly talented women who are taking this idea and RUNNING with it.

I'm fortunate enough to be a member of their leadership team, and I'm admin of the network's members-only Facebook group and Instagram account. (Forgive me there, I've fallen behind a bit as Instagram doesn't let people log in and out of accounts very easily! *shakes fist in the air*)

Now, you're probably asking - why should you decide to be a member?

Well, reader, I'm glad you asked!

NC Blogger Network is an environment where we can connect to share, learn from one another and inspire each other.

It's a place where you can bring your most pressing blogging questions, your networking hopes and dreams, your goals, your knowledge. There's pretty much a space for whatever it is that you relate to most when it comes to blogging.

For more official details, I turned to Allison Barrett Carter and her recent post on the site.

Many people ask us who the network is FOR. 

The answer is YOU. ALL OF YOU. 

If you blog, this is for you. Men, women, moms, dads, fashion bloggers, craft and lifestyle bloggers, faith bloggers, photography bloggers ... whatever you blog about the NC Blogger Network is for YOU. 

For more information on how the network began head on over to to read up on how Allison and Nikol recognized the need that's out there for NC writers like us.

The networking, education and connection aspects are so important and these brilliant minds have already been hard at work creating an environment that will foster all of those and more.

We've already had our first mini-con and it was a tremendous success. Here's me with my everyday selfie at the event. See how professional I look already?

And if you're not a blogger, or if you are and you're also a business owner in North Carolina or affiliated in any way with a business here in NC, reach out and let me know. Whether you're interested in supporting the network, our upcoming events or just want to see what sort of a relationship we can establish, let's talk.

Because together we can come up with a way for you to help support our new and flourishing network AND get your business out there to many bloggers. And trust me, when it comes to bloggers? You want to be seen. You want to be talked about. You want to be known!

Because bloggers are taking over the world - or something like that. *wink*

And if you're looking to navigate the blogosphere with a little bit of help - I've got a Pinterest board of that exact same name and would love for you to let me know what kind of posts I might be missing. See you there!


  1. Oh I love this so much. THANK YOU!

  2. Andrea! Thank you for believing in us, supporting us and spreading the word about NCBN. We are lucky to have you on our team! Yay NC bloggers everywhere!

  3. Hi Andrea! I'm on TM and follow your blog. I also blog at so this post interested me. I'm not a typical mommy/kids/crafts/etc blogger-- my blog is for engineers and architects, developers, and such. Wondering if this network would be something for me, or if I'd be the odd man out, so to speak. Would love to "talk" with you via email or PM. (I'm MelissaB on TM).

  4. Love It! Way to get the word out! Go NCBN :D

  5. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm with Melissa, though. I wonder how much I'd fit in. I'm a beauty blogger, and while there are loads of us out there in general, it seems that there are very few of us in NC which makes blogging communities a bit lonely as I feel like I'm on the outside. Would love to know what this community plans on doing to build up separate niches or make everyone feel equally a part of things! Especially before I plonk money down to join.

    Megan | Southern Charmed

  6. This is fantastic, we have a really informal group here in FL but I love how purposeful y'all are being!

  7. WOOHOO!! That is so exciting! Headed over to check it out right now! :)-Ashley


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