Thursday, February 13, 2014

I scream, you scream, we all scream ...



If you're a fairly new southern girl like I am (what? Almost 8 years is still fairly new!) you're probably wondering what in the heck snow cream actually IS.

I know I was.

Have been for years.

We really don't get THAT much snow down here. Not usually. But this winter is total #snowmaggedon aka #snowpocalypse or something like that. Seriously.

So, what's a mom to do?

You guessed it. Make her child (and herself, come on, it's GOOD) really happy with this snowy and surprising treat.

Snow Cream 101 coming right up!

I've tried making it two different ways. The first one comes out like vanilla ice cream.


Get yourself a can of sweetened condensed milk and some vanilla extract.

Wait for your bowl to fill up with fresh snow.

I think I forgot a step. Obviously, you need snow to make snow cream.

So get yourself a bowl, a mixing bowl works great for this. Put it outside - away from where your dogs - and possibly kids - can reach. Collect away!

Recipe #1

Step 1. Freshly powdered snow fills up the bowl.
 * Don't forget - you might need to move your snow into a bigger mixing bowl (I have this set of mixing bowls and they're perfect. They've also lasted for YEARS!) otherwise you'll find yourself cleaning snow up off the counter or quite possibly the floor. Unless you have dogs. They'll take care of it for you.

Step 2. Mix in a can of sweetened condensed milk (and vanilla extract, use a splash or two, that stuff is powerful!).

Step 3. Eat and enjoy!

Note for Step 2. You're going to have to mix it pretty hard. Get all that snow in there. It's going to be a workout, so you can skip the gym today. You're welcome.

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Recipe #2. 

Step 1. Collect yourself a beautiful bowl of snow.

Step 2. Add 1c sugar, 1c milk (I used skim) and a few splashes of vanilla.
 * psst. You might need to move your snow into a bigger mixing bowl. Leave room for movement!

Step 3. Get your child to do the work this time. Mix it up really well.
 * Note: You MAY need to add more snow, depending on how much milk you've added. We had to.

Step 4. Add some chocolate chips. It's instant vanilla chip ices.
 * It's a little slushier than Recipe #1, which is more of an ice cream consistency. Using milk/sugar instead of the sweetened condensed milk definitely affects the flavor and texture, but will still do in a pinch.

snow cream, winter, dessert, ice cream, delicious, recipe, kid-friendly

So, there you have it. If I can do it, you can totally do it, too.

It's seriously so easy and really quite yum.

Let me know if you've tried these recipes or any other for your snow cream. I'm sure adding some whipped cream or sprinkles would rock. As would chocolate sauce. I've added some to my daughter's hot chocolate this morning, and my coffee, too. It cooled them down, but tasted really good.


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  1. So glad you got your snow cream!! YUM!! I used to make it all the time as a kid growing up in St. Louis, but you're right, not much chance here in the south!! (and the chocolate chips are an inspired addition!) We even have enough snow to make a legit snow man!! That rarely happens, too!! As long as we keep power, this will remain a magical week....fingers crossed!! --Lisa

  2. I've never heard of that...Interesting but I'm not eating any NYC snow. LOL :)

  3. we've had tons of snow but none since i bought the stuff for snow cream. your recipes look delish. :)

  4. Never heard of making it with sweetened condensed milk - I bet that is god!

  5. I am so very jealous of your snow cream. It looks like so much yummy fun!!

  6. I find it so odd that we never did this up north. We made a ton with he first snow storm, but I didn't restock the condensed milk, so the kids are SOL this go-round!

    And 8 years is still totally new... let's talk when we hit 10!

  7. i LOVE this idea!! Way to put all this snow to good use :)

  8. I hate looking at it and there is no way that I'm ingesting it.
    That shizz looks good coming from a Canadian not knowing how to make this.

  9. Love it! We made a dairy free version, and I may have to post the recipe for this the next time it snows. Which, you know, will be Monday. ;) Try adding some maraschino cherry juice. Just sayin'

  10. That looks really cool! We have had NO snow here this year, which is extremely weird but absolutely ok with me... ;-)

    But if we do get snow, and Sarah and I start going "Nooooo!" then I can use this as silver lining: we can make snow cream!!

  11. We will be making snow cream later today!

  12. Just saw this go up on Twitter!

    Hope you are doing it again this year with all of the snow you are getting :)

  13. I live in the north and have to admit I have never made or tried snow cream! And it's not like we have a lack of snow...perhaps the kids and I will have to try this sometime this winter...


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