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The In-Between Hour, Barbara Claypole White ~ book review

* I was provided a copy of this book for reviewing purposes by TLC Book Tours. 
All expressed opinions are completely my own. * 

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Barbara Claypole White is already an author I appreciate. After reading The Unfinished Garden I already knew I'd be open to whatever she released next. So when I was approached to read The In-Between Hour, I said yes immediately!

This book is about Will and Hannah, but it's also about so much MORE than Will and Hannah. 

Will is a man caught between grieving his 5-year-old son, Freddie, and suffering along with his aging father, Jacob. A New York City author, he returns "home" to North Carolina to deal with his father's behaviors and outbursts. He quickly finds himself responsible for way more than that, taking his dad away from the environment he was living in and out on his own. 

Hannah is a woman who takes care of everyone else, always putting herself and her needs last.

When we meet Hannah we meet her with her dogs. She is a country vet. She lives out against the woods and makes house calls. She takes in strays. It's no wonder she winds up connecting with Will and Jacob. We learn that Hannah has two sons (Galen is the one we meet and get to know), a best friend (Poppy) and an ex-husband (who cares?). 

Poppy is the initial connection. Poppy worked as an art therapist with Jacob at the senior residence he was living in and gave Will Hannah's info when he was leaving with his dad. She just knew he'd be needing it. I'd say she was hopeful she'd see Will again, herself, which would be pretty fun for Poppy. Will is easy on the eyes. Or so the book says!

Hannah's son Galen is returning home after a somewhat-suicide-attempt and is in dire need of structure, love and space. Hannah is unsure of how to give him ALL of that, and finds that Will somehow knows how to give Galen what he needs. Their relationship stems from a love of writing, and the man seems to know how to talk to the boy.

All the while, Will finds himself publicly pretending that Freddie is still alive. There are reasons for this, ones I won't get into right now, but you can just imagine the heartache and pain he is dealing with as he has to ignore his son's non-existence and function as a full person. The pain is unbearable. 

Will and Hannah suffer separately as their lives twine together. 

Each character is strong in their own right. While Poppy, Jacob and Galen are "secondary" characters, they hold their own in a story that flows well and moves quickly, despite it's 300+ pages. Not for one second did I wish it was a shorter read. 

Barbara Claypole White drew me in again with The In-Between Hour. I truly enjoyed it and definitely recommend it. Pick yourself up a copy today and you won't be disappointed. Or win one here! I'm able to give away a copy to one person (US Residents only, sorry!) and would love for it to be you. Just leave me a comment telling me what you're reading now and what you think of it. That's all. Easy peasy!

And if you want, you can learn more about the author and get a heads up on what she's up to over at the Barbara Claypole White Facebook page.

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* I was provided a copy of this book for reviewing purposes by TLC Book Tours. 
All expressed opinions are completely my own. This post contains affiliate links. * 


  1. I have never read Barbara Claypole White. I might check out this one as I am fond of NC!

  2. Reading Under Magnolia Frances Mayes.loving it!

  3. Huge thanks for reading and reviewing THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR. Obviously, I am not entering to win a copy, but I've just finished reading Karen White's THE RETURN TO TRADD ST, which was fabulous. I've been such a fan of this series. Sad to see it end…

  4. I attended a virtual Book Launch the other day and learned about Barbara Claypole White and The In-Between Hour. I immediately added it to my must-read list! Thanks for this review and a chance to win!

  5. Oh, and I'm reading the third book in the Josephine Bonaparte series by Sandra Gulland, called The Last Great Dance on Earth. Loved them all, and I don't normally read trilogies. This was a wonderful surprise, especially as it is historical fiction.

  6. Andrea, Esf Hart posted on my Facebook page that she tried to comment but was experiencing technically difficulties. Please enter her name into the drawing! Thank you! xox

  7. You know I always love your book reviews! This book looks fantastic. I'm definitely putting it on my "Must Read" list. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed I'm your winner!!

    I'm currently reading "The Goldfinch" because my mom called me and said, "I just read the weirdest book and I think I hated it. You've got to read it." Who could resist with a lead-in like that, right? (I haven't read enough to know if I like it yet or not, but it is weird already) --Lisa

  8. This books sounds great and if you never once wished that it is shorter than 300 pages it must be!

    I'm reading This Is Your Captain Speaking the autobiography of Gavin MacLeod. Who doesn't love Captain Stubing?

  9. This sounds great! I'm adding it to my reading list.

    I just finished A Lady In France, and I'm starting Ashley Judd's memoir. I've been reading a lot of true stories this year, so it is time to mix it up with a little fiction soon! ;)

  10. I am not sure what to think of this book, really, but it sounds like a worthwhile read.


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