Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Saltine Toffee Treats #SeasonsEatings & Pin To Win with #HarrisTeeter

* I have been compensated for this post and was provided a gift card to give away to one of my readers. The content and images are my original work and entirely my own. *

It might be surprising how much I enjoy baking holiday treats. Or not baking them.

It's no surprise I love eating them. They're good stuff.

So I'm sharing a favorite recipe I stumbled across online last year and tweaked to turn into a Good Girl Gone Redneck creation.

It's saltine toffee.

Have you not heard of this?

Have you not tried it?

It's so goooooood.

And easy. I'm no master chef or baker, but I can do this and make loads of them. And it doesn't have to be perfect, so it's even better because of that.

You'll need a pot for boiling and a cookie sheet for baking.

Holiday Saltine Toffee Treats


* package of saltine crackers (name brand NOT required)
* stick of butter
* 1c brown sugar
* 2c semi-sweet chocolate chips (feel free to be more generous with this ingredient if you so choose)
* 1c holiday M&Ms (or other candies) - totally optional, but way prettier

Preheat oven to 400* for future use. 

Layer crackers on cookie sheet. 

Combine sugar and butter in pot and bring to a low boil. Boil for 3 minutes. This part is serious. I've tried to do some of these boiling timing things and messed them up. 3 minutes is like the magic number or something. Stir and pour quickly over crackers (on cookie sheet, of course!). Spread to cover entire sheet of crackers. 

Bake at 400* for about 5 minutes or so. It's unfortunately less of a science, but I promise you'll totally KNOW when they're ready. They smell SO good. The sugar combo will be bubbling up a bit. 

Pour chocolate chips onto cracker/toffee combo and let melt. 

Use a spatula to gently spread chocolate across entire tray. Cover all spots. 

Scatter holiday M&Ms across in random patterns. Or have your kids carefully help and make designs. Whatever makes you most happy. 

Completely cool in refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. You'll be able to check and see if you need more or less time. Once completely cooled break up into pieces. You can try for perfect squares but you probably won't make them. And that's okay. These things are so good. I kind of want some right now. 

Enjoy it all for yourself or share with friends and family. 

Or proceed to eat entire batch and repeat immediately. 

Or not. 

Now, as if that recipe wasn't enough joy for you this holiday season, I've got a giveaway and some great info on an awesome giveaway from Harris Teeter for you. 

Harris Teeter has an awesome giveaway happening right now and all you need to do is play around on Pinterest. And who doesn't do that this time of the year? 

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* This post has been written entirely by me. I was compensated for this post and received a gift card to give to one of my readers. * 


  1. Your toffee treats sound yummy! Pumpkin bread is my favorite holiday treat.

  2. I've made these...yum!! I like the idea of M & M's. Pretty!

  3. My favorite snack is buckeyes. yum!

  4. I just ate some cheese and crackers, so right now that's my favorite!!

  5. i love making raspberry cheesecake!

  6. I like making gingerbread men and women.

  7. I am an amateur baker but have wanted to make these after a coworker shared her recipe with me. I just made "reindeer noses" and happy to say they were a hit and very easy too. (pretzel twists, melt hershey kiss in the middle and squish in an m&m). thanks for the chance to win!!

  8. I make caramels every year and I'm looking forward to eating them again soon.

  9. My favorite holiday recipe hands down is making my grandmother's famous Buckeyes =)

  10. A New HT just opened in my town--they closed for a while and re-built... I love the new store!

  11. What is funny is I was looking for this recipe! I use graham crackers instead of saltines though. And put pecans chopped on top

  12. My favorite is a recipe from hubbys grandma granny balls lol.

  13. I love the pretzels with rolos and a holiday colored M&M. YUM!!!


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