Friday, September 20, 2013

Moe's Catering does everything for you! #welcometoMoes

This post is sponsored by Moe's Southwest Grill. All products were provided to me free of cost. All expressed opinions are strictly my own. I am a participating blogger in Moe's Blogger Advisory Council.  

I have been so lucky this summer. I've had an opportunity to work with Moe's Southwest Grill and could not be more excited about the experience.

Moe's Southwest Grill offers catering packages that are beyond your expectations.

I decided to opt for the fajita package, which included grilled chicken, ground beef, black beans, rice, grilled peppers and onions, and loads of fajita toppings. Huge flour tortillas finished off the meal, with gallons of sweet and unsweetened tea (they even brought ice! And paper cups!). My pictures below don't do justice to the amount of food that was delivered. We ordered for a party of 20, but had enough leftovers to feed several sets of friends for a few dinners, along with ourselves.

Moe's also offers both, a salad bar and a taco bar, along with their Burrito box option. For more details on their catering choices, check out Moe's Southwest Grill Catering Menu.

Not only is the food amazing, but they deliver, come into your home, set everything up for you in disposable serving platters and leave you with such an easy clean-up!

One thing that pleased me about Moe's, especially with so many kids in attendance, was the variety. The variety caters to each of your guests' tastes. My husband doesn't eat onions, but my mom and I (my parents were visiting) really enjoyed the grilled peppers and onions. I'm not big on super spicy stuff, so I didn't have to add any extra heat, while my husband and some of our guests were thrilled at the choice. Kids can be so picky, any parent knows that, but with a large number of children attending we had no issues of complaining or worries about what was in their food and what they might need to pick out. Don't like tomatoes? Don't add the pico. Dairy issues? Skip the cheese - more for me! And the guacamole? To. Die. For.

Along with the huge variety and amazing food, they also provided us with crayons and a coloring tablecloth, along with several coloring printouts for the kids. Moe's also sent over bracelets, noisemaker toys, balloons, frisbees, and a candy-filled piñata!!

The kids all had a blast trying to beat the candy out of that thing - mostly unsuccessfully - it was REALLY sturdy! But they had so much fun. We used these sweatbands that Moe's sent us as "blindfolds" and my husband rigged up the piñata to a pipe so he could safely hold it for the little ones. They were especially excited to tear it apart with their hands once it started breaking.

I probably have about 10-12 more pictures of the little ones attacking the piñata with a stick, but they all came out blurry because it was hit so hard and swinging around so quickly. Obviously it was a definite hit (no pun intended!).

So, if you're looking for a place to cater your next kids' party or family gathering, you need to look into Moe's. It's absolutely worth it and it's definitely something I am going to consider for the next time I am hosting a party in my home.

* Disclaimer reminder: This is a sponsored post. All products (food, drink, cutlery, entertainment items) were provided to me through Moe's. All expressed opinions are completely my own and I can honestly restate that we were more than pleased with the product provided. Thanks, Moe's, for a great party! *


  1. I am so jealous!!! Working with Moe's is my dream job!! We have one picky eater in our family and one semi-picky eater, but Moe's is one place we all ADORE. Everyone can get exactly what they like and that equals family bliss! Oh, the chips--so crispy and delicious! Hold me back!! (no, wait....DON'T!!!) --Lisa

  2. Andrea,

    Great information. I will have to look at their catering menu because I want to do a S'mores party for the four-year-old birthday with family, but really don't feel like making all the food.


  3. I love Moe's. I always leave there feeling like a stuffed burrito myself. :)

  4. I wish they brought Moe's grill to the UK! Tried it when I was visiting the States, LOVED IT! :)


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