Monday, June 17, 2013

Jump the shark - who me?


I've been in the mood to write, but my head hurts and my sinuses were bothering me and so I just couldn't think about what to say.

My heart pushed me to be emotional and do a Father's Day thing, but I'm not up for it right.this.second.

So, Monday Listicles to the rescue!



I've SO totally got this!!

I'm always iffy about what can and can't be shared on the blog when it comes to YouTube, but if it has a share option and is public I can do it, right?

I'm starting with my first choice because I just HAVE TO.


omg. I was so horribly sad when this show left and disappeared permanently. SO much so that right now I'm looking for a clip and found a supposed "series finale" and am watching it. It's kind of awful, mind you, but I'm watching anyway. I need to find the season finale prior to that episode, because my DVR/TiVo didn't record it and it made me super sad.

Hmmn. So, this was the end of the season finale episode, and it appears they did "solve everything" in a ten-minute answer to it all that was added to the DVDs. I almost kinda' wish I hadn't seen it. But I'll get over it.

Either way, it's a show that was gone way too soon. * Don't mind the first ten seconds. Then watch! *

You're going to see that I have an addiction. My next show also featured the one and only Geoff Stultz aka Eddie Latekka from October Road.


Sadly this show was canceled so quickly it barely had enough time to get off the ground. Even more sadly, Michael Clarke Duncan has passed away, which made me so sad - even before I knew the show was gone. Sigh. Plus it was a spinoff of BONES, which I love.

Another one I always have to look up. I remember the actress, the story, the whole deal. But I forget the name every.single.time. We loved this sitcom. Even though it was quirky.


I was absolutely not ready for this next show to go off the air. #sadface Even though it kind of jumped the shark when Jim died. But then he didn't die. It was horrible. But I had hoped they'd make it disappear and come back better. And I'm still scarred by the episodes where Andrea died. Broke my heart.


I was so not ready for this show to end! This isn't the series finale, but it's a great moment anyway.


Geez, I've got five and this is already the longest post of all time ... give or take a little ... but I have two more, so I have to share them!


Another fave, that suddenly has me realizing that I have liked a lot of shows with dead characters.


I can't believe I couldn't think of ten. Honestly, I could surely give you a whole list of shows I miss, but I think lasted just the right amount of time ... but I won't. Not now, anyway. I'll just remind you to head on over to NorthWestMommy's place and check out everyone else's list. Or link up with your own. Because I'd love to see what you're missing, too.

Chat atcha later!


  1. Um, so I've never watched a single one of those. Oops. LOL

  2. Oh, NUMB3rs. I LOVED that show! I loved the entire cast. *sniff* --Lisa

  3. How come I haven't seen even one of those? Geez, I miss everything. Of course, since they're gone, I guess it doesn't matter.

  4. I LOVED October Road and NUMB3rs. So sad when it was canceled!

  5. Stopping by from Monday Listicles.

    Numb3rs was really great.

    YAY! Someone else listed Dead Like Me!!!

  6. I loved Numb3rs. But felt it had a good run. Joan of Arcadia was awesome too. But Geoff Stultz was the ONLY reason to watch October Road (though Bryan Greenberg was awesome on One Tree Hill, and a great singer too). LOVED the Finder, and so sad when they yanked it. To be honest, I never thought that Fox gave it much of a shot putting it in the Friday night slot either.

  7. You are my television sister. It is true. We were separated at birth or something.

    October Road. I was so sad when it got cancelled. Oh...but...seriously...The Finder. I loved that show SO MUCH. I wanted to cry. (I have been a Bones watcher from the beginning). I really did cry a little when Michael Clarke Duncan passed away.

    Numb3rs was good, too.

    I never got into Joan of Arcadia, but I always wanted too. It disappeared too soon for me.

  8. YES!! Love this topic. Shows that were cancelled too soon in my book include: Freaks & Geeks, My So-Called Life, Veronica Mars, Joan of Arcadia for sure and most recently... Happy Endings & Smash. But I am still in denial about those recent shows ending. I think the first 4 were ahead of their time and would be successful if they aired on the right channel today, like HBO or AMC. Maybe. I know Everybody Loves Raymond had a great 8-year run, but to me, there really isn't a "bad" episode in the bunch, and ELR could've gone on another season or two, no question. I will be very sad when Mad Men's final season starts next year. I think that show could go on for many more years, even if Don Draper's liver wouldn't make it that long.

    Great post, Andrea!

  9. Dead Like Me was a great show, they could have done so much with it


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