Friday, March 1, 2013

TGIF, I guess.

It's Friday. Whew.

Sort of.

This week has been Dr. Seuss week at school. Which has been fun and awesome and actually not as stressful as one would think.

But this morning waking up the kiddo was torture. For us both.

I actually woke up pretty quickly today. First alarm, no back-up needed (what, you don't have one? You totally should!). She was impossible. Zonked out like nobody's business.

Eventually she got up - bathroom - dressed - came downstairs.

Me, as the incredible mom of the month, I realized that it was March 1st. Time to bring in her book log. I'm awful, I don't always keep on top of it and yes, I write it out. Because it's like the longest process of our lives if she does it every month. It was causing battles and I didn't want to go there. Maybe it's wrong of me, but so be it. She reads, she reads well, and we discuss the books, etc. She's started reading the books before bed TO me. That's awesome, right?

Dr. Seuss week has rocked, as she has read us Green Eggs and Ham AND The Cat in the Hat. Rock on, my 6-yo delight. Rock on!

This morning we had decided she'd have breakfast and lunch at school today. Why not? She's been good in the AMs as far as eating goes, I figured toss in a break for mommy this morning. Especially since I had that list to do ... ehem.

Cue boredom.

Boredom, you ask?

Yes. Of course. She must have been bored in the five minutes or so we had been downstairs. It was enough time for her to start playing with the gate. You know the one - right? The important one in between our living room and the rest of the house to keep beautiful boxer Bella away from the cats? The cats she does not quite hate or love, but needs to chase at all times? Yes. Yes. Now you're with me. THAT one.


"Kiddo, stop playing with the gate. Go brush your teeth."


"Come on, leave the gate alone and go brush your teeth."

Me, writing in the remaining books on her list. At the kitchen table. Back to the action.

BOING! Clank! Crash?


Her face frozen in fear.


Cue crying.


Yes, she broke the gate. Of course she started crying. She felt bad and I was yelling.

"Come on, kiddo, brush your teeth."

It's not that bad ... (from HER, not me)

"It's not that bad, but it's BROKEN."

Cue more tears.

I didn't mean it ... (her, again)

"I know, kiddo, but you still broke it. I know it was an accident, but you know you shouldn't have been playing with it."


"Remember, when something like this happens it's important to say you're sorry. Instead of I didn't mean it," (me, calming down some) "Okay?"

Nods. Tears. Whining.

Mom of the year award goes to?


The husband comes down with Bella. We have the child sit down for breakfast as it's the easiest way to get her to sit and do something else. She starts crying harder about no breakfast at school.

Lord help me.

This was my morning. The day has to start looking up, right?


  1. I thought we were one of the only families with no baby that has a critical baby gate! (Ours is to keep our loving mutt Daisy out of the playroom because she eats...everything)

    I can totally relate. Half of our mornings start with tears. It's unheard of for all 4 of us get up and out without anyone crying (or at least seething) --Lisa

  2. After a morning like that I know you're ready for the weekend. Sorry it was hard on you, my friend, but you handled it fabulously!

  3. If these kids would stop doing things when I told them to it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I completely blame them. :)

    Seriously though, every time I yell and make them cry more my soul hurts. Some days are better than others, obviously, but the bad days make me want to sell them on the black market.

    But I don't, because I know I'd want them back as soon as they were gone.

    Sneaky little Frat Boys.

  4. UMM... what's with the anonymous comments?

    I hear you. We have mornings like that where all does not go as planned. In the end they know we love them and it's better if we hold them accountable and don't always excuse them when they do things wrong even if they "didn't mean it."

  5. Sometimes I worry that most of our mornings have some yelling and some tears. At least on school days. We only have preschool here so it's three days a week of that last minute dash for the door..and stuff happens. I hope your day got better!


    Me: "Yes, I know you didn't mean to break it. But you know not to play on it."

    Either of them: "Still."



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