Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fallen, Laury Falter ~ book review

So Fallen was totally not my normal kind of read.

With a mystical feel and loads of bizarre aspects to the storyline, I was hesitant, but interested all the same. But I typically avoid the paranormal types of novels out there, even when there is a romance involved. Sometimes especially because of that!

But I took a chance since the book was described to me as a Top 100 Kindle download on Amazon and I figured it had to be worth reading - right? And I am pleasantly surprised to say that it was!

Maggie is the book's primary character. From the get-go she seems to feel as though she's being followed by someone, maybe even stalked.

Her hero shows up out of thin air, and disappears just as quickly. I suppose at that point I could have walked away, but instead I found myself drawn in.

Maggie has many strong connections. People appear drawn to her.

As we move through this story we recognize that her instincts are sharp. She recognizes the good and bad in people, and she isn't wrong. She's got a bit of a sixth sense, but she can't place or understand it. She only knows that it really does alert her to things that are headed her way.

Maggie's mystery man, Eran, seems complex. He also seems to show up whenever she needs him. Or thinks about him. What's the deal with this guy, anyway?

I'll admit that I found his role and the reasoning behind their connection to be a bit predictable. I kind of knew where the story was headed, even though Maggie was almost completely surprised at the reveal. I don't think Ms. Falter expected us not to guess, though, and still felt that their connection was enjoyable. And mysterious. And kind of hot, if you will.

I think those characteristics were what the author was going for here, and she did achieve them.

I found the *bad guys* throughout this book to be interesting. As I mentioned, I don't usually read this kind of novel, so I wasn't sure if I'd see loads of far-fetched personas floating through the pages. Fortunately these bad guys were not those kinds of characters. I could feel their evil, could feel Maggie feel it, and I could believe they were out to hurt her. I also enjoyed the redeeming characteristics of one of Maggie's friends, Gershon, who I might consider having a crush on and could totally see in his own book. *Take note, Ms. Falter, I'd totally read that!* And as is true to my as usual oblivious self, I don't usually read books from trilogies or series sets, but I see that this one has two more coming ... and I'm actually intrigued!

So - if you are a fan of mystical fiction, or romance novels, or - well, I'm not sure exactly how this book is defined when it comes to these details, but if you're looking for a light read that's got some intensity and is pretty enjoyable (just be sure you can suspend disbelief, this is not even remotely non-fiction, my friends) ... check out Fallen today.

And for more information on Laury Falter see the links below!

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* I received a copy of this book from TLC Book tours to facilitate my review. I was not compensated in any way and all expressed opinions are entirely my own.


  1. I love mystical fiction, but not so big on romance, unless the romance is an aside to the main part of the book. It does sound interesting though.

  2. I love fantasy books! I can't read a bunch back to back, but I like to vary what I read anyway. I like romance books, especially within another genre like fantasy or historical fiction, etc.
    This sounds right up my alley!!

    I adore the way you do your book reviews. You give just the right amount of information to capture our imaginations and that let's us know if we'd like it or not, without giving a total plot summary or ruining plot points. That is no accident. That's mad skillz.

    LOVE IT!! --Lisa


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