Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm at it again ... #VZWA

That's right! I'm lucky enough to have an opportunity at a second stint as a Verizon Wireless Ambassador.

And my phone arrived on Thursday! Woo!

First, I was excited to great the FedEx delivery lady. I even offered her a cup of coffee for the road (she declined, I think I might have startled her a bit!).

And then I finally got into this baby. Whew. This box was SERIOUSLY SEALED.

Oh, wait. Hmmn.

Ah, yes, another box. Obviously at this point I was realllly close. I tweeted the above pictures as teasers. I figured I'd help avoid spoiling the phone for anyone - though I think any of us who received the "Windows" clue were expecting the 8X.

And, well, here she is! (She? Are phones really she-s? I have no clue. It's actually blue, so maybe this one isn't a girl ... but I really like the blue color!)

So, next I followed the included instructions on how to remove the SIM card from my Samsung Galaxy S3 (check out my previous VZWA posts to find out more on that phone if you're interested!) and put it into the Windows 8X. It was fairly easy, but I will admit I had to call my husband and ask how to get it out of the Galaxy, because it was kind of tricky. 

Once I moved it over and set the new phone up to charge, I was ready to read. 

I have a lot of learning to do, my friends. We have a session coming up this week so I can learn more - because it's been quite a while since I've messed around with any Windows environment, and digging through that in my handheld device is DEFINITELY tricky. 

But I am up for the challenge, without a doubt. And I've already figured a few things out. 

Note to anyone interested, when you're setting up your apps and the phone asks for your location, it's okay. You can ensure that each app (ie: twitter, facebook) does NOT use your location for your posts, etc. You just change it in the settings of the app. Did that make sense? I can probably explain it better but I might do well to hold off until I know the phone well enough. 

In the meantime, guess who got her hands on it already? 

*I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program. Verizon Wireless has provided me with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. 


  1. SO EXCITING! Is it wrong that I am super jealous, I sit here with my very, very old Verizon phone that may or may not have been featured in the movie Wall Street! ;) You will rock this gig, no doubt, and I can't wait to read your opinions! :)

  2. That is so very cool. You are a lucky, lucky girl!


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