Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Color of Tea, by Hannah Tunnicliffe ~ Book review

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The Color of Tea was an absolutely beautiful read.

This book was honestly one of my favorite reads of 2012.

I received the book via mail and I'm not 100% sure where it came from. I don't remember if I requested it, and there was no letter enclosed. So I'm reviewing it anyway because I just have to. I liked it that intensely.

The primary character of Grace is beautiful. She's strong and passionate, and she's ready. What is she ready for, you might ask? So very much.

She's opening her life up. She's ready for motherhood. She's ready for the world to see how much love she has to give. She's ready for a renewal of relationships.

Grace decides to open up her own little cafe' in the midst of a whirlwind that is her life in China. While her husband isn't supportive of this adventure, her heart leads her forward and she knows she must go on with where her ideas have taken her. Her goal is to work and introduce macarons to the community in a way that they - and whatever else is purchased at the cafe' - are soothing.

The secondary characters in this story are not really secondary at all. While Grace is our main character, her husband, Pete is a man we grow to understand. We hate him, we like him, we try to love him. We're just not sure.

We meet Rilla, Marjory, Gigi and Yok Lan. These people become the kind of people we want in our own lives, even when we aren't sure we like, love or trust them at all.

But ultimately we appreciate the connections. We understand the dynamic, even as it changes right before our eyes. The interactions between the characters. The truths that unravel. The feelings that develop. The secrets behind their eyes. Yes, it's that weird. I kind of feel like I see their eyes somehow. That's how well I know them.

This book could be considered a chick-lit type of a story as it has a focus and side that recognizes women, women friendships and relationships. But I consider it more of a strong novel. One I wouldn't necessarily categorize. And as it is Hannah Tunnicliffe's first - I can easily say I hope we will hear more from her.

You can find out more about the author and the book at Hannah Tunnicliffe's website.

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  1. The cover is gorgeous...and the story sounds great too.

    I'm going to have to add it to my reading list.

  2. It does sound interesting! I'm adding to my to read list in Goodreads!


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