Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Speed writing for me and reading for you!

It's been a while since we've played with sticky-notes, so here goes:

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. Nap...unless the weather is absolutely gorgeous and the sun is shining. Then maybe a nap outside. :D

    We've got the sickies here too. Going on day three of playing with a fever. Hope you house is healthy soon!!!

  2. There should totally be a coffee shop that would deliver!

    Hope the lil one feels better soon - and the kids who do get perfect attendance? They go to school sick and infect everyone else.

  3. If Starbucks delivered I would be in BIG trouble. BIG, BIG trouble.

    Perfect attendance? Eh, whatever. Those sick days are the best cuddle days ever.


  4. I would pick the nap even though I so need to go to the Y!

  5. I hope you chose nap first then exercise! lol

    Hope the little one is feeling better :)

  6. We have an old school candy and malt shop down the street from our house. The kids beg me regularly to let them walk there.

    (Happy early birthday!)

  7. Oh that sounds like my big dream! Coffee delivered what a dream that would be.


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