Friday, August 10, 2012

BlogHer12 - The most important part

I am sure many of you are seeing the insanity that is the rush of BlogHer recaps.

I have plenty to say but I am all over the place in what I want to share. There are many recaps I can recommend for you to find all aspects of the good and bad of the weekend.

But for me, I would like to share the most important part.

The people.

Of course, the people. What did you think I was going to say? The 900 or so reusable grocery bags I brought home? Negative. Nice. But negative.

I had a chance to meet some of my absolute favorite people in the world at BlogHer, for Realz. And that doesn't even begin to touch on the people I already knew and had met before. Brand new faces I was able to hug in real life! Ah, love!

Jen, from Jen Has a Pen

She's adorable. Totally sweet. And so much fun. We might have texted one another about eleventy-billion times throughout the weekend, but neither one of us cared or had to identify ourselves when doing so. And when I didn't get to see her, she was spending time with my awesome roommate, Amy. More on her later ...

Our picture is too dark, though. I'll have to share the other one later.

And so I think Jen and I were separated at birth. Or something. She is a fairly new New Yorker and I adore seeing my hometown through her eyes. She's also one heck of a writer. Her openness, rawness, realness? Beautiful. You should find her. You will surely adore her, too.

Then there was Yael.

Have you met Yael yet? A beautiful woman with a beautiful soul that she opens up and shares with you if you need her to. Sometimes she just knows, even if you don't ask. I could breathe more peacefully with her beside me. A hug and a smile is all you need.

Yael can be found over at and my home away from home, Mama's Comfort Camp, which is somewhere you must consider going if you are a mom.

See her beautiful smile? Completely resonates in all she does.

This is where I have to take a pause. I am blogging on the road and I think my iPad might not be cooperating. So for starters check out these two special friends of mine and stay tuned for more on the peeps I met, and my BlogHer12 experience.

And I'll see you when I see you ... which will be soon enough!


  1. I am honored to be your friend! It's funny you say Yael let you breathe more peacefully because I felt like you were the calming magnet of the weekend for me. You are so open and kind and friendly and real, and I just adored spending time with you! I knew we'd hit it off before we even met, but now I'm pretty sure you are stuck with me for life. Sucker! ;-)

  2. Aww, I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet at BlogHer. I was so worried about getting sleep that I missed out on meeting some people that were on my must-meet list.

  3. Thank you for this! You totally made my day. I'm recovering from a stupid virus feeling like crap, this made me happy. And meeting you was so delightful, you give amazing hugs. :)

  4. I'm still so bummed I didn't get to see you. Next time!

  5. Love both Jen and Yael. So glad for you that you got to meet them both!

  6. I shall visit your two lovely friends, and I have no doubt they really are as lovely as you say. After all, YOU are as well!

  7. The people are by far the best part of BlogHer!


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