Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ten guilty pleasures.

Just ten?

I'm linking up with Monday Listicles today ... and yes, I know it's a Tuesday. But I did Muffin Tin Monday yesterday - ya know?

Anyway, for more info on this meme, click the button below:

10. Glee
* I'm addicted to the show. To the music. Oh, to the music. And I'm not ashamed of it. I could probably fill this entire list with television shows. In fact, I might just ...

9. Chick lit
* Not every single kind of chick lit book - but there are some I truly do enjoy enough to get caught up in. For reals.

8. Peanut butter. 
* OK, I don't really feel that guilty. But I could live off of it. But what really gives me guilty pleasure is ...

7. Nutella. 
* 'Nuff said.

6. Starbucks Iced Chai Lattes
* Talk about living off of something.

5. Sweet tea
* I've drastically reduced my intake in the recent months, but I could drown myself in this Southern chill.

4. Ice cream and sprinkles
* At home there is no greater topping for ice cream than a splash (or more) of rainbow colored sprinkles.

3. Crime dramas.
* You know the ones. NCIS. The Mentalist. Bones. The Finder. I used to watch a lot more (like Criminal Minds - for instance) but I can't seem to sit through some of them (like Criminal Minds, for instance) without my husband in the room because they royally screw with my head. I'd try it to enjoy Shemar Moore, but - alas - my anxiety gets to me and I don't get to. Le sigh.

2. Blogging. Twitter.
* I love to take my own time. Write what comes to mind without being instructed to do so. I love choosing prompts that mean something to me. Books that I want to read and review. Friends I love to read and highlight, and so much more. It's a guilty pleasure because it trickles over to Twitter ~ my motto is *I tweet because I blog,* or it was until I realized Twitter is helping me to maintain connections I'd never be able to without it. I simply can't read every blog out there. I just don't have the time or the focus. And as much as I would love to, I can't even pretend I'll ever be able to carve out the time to do so. So, in comes Twitter. The Twitter is my friend. It helps me connect with my bloggy friends. And I love it. It could possibly come in as #1 here, but I've been saving that spot for something else. hee hee.

And what you've all been waiting for (and should come as no surprise if you actually do follow me on Twitter and read what I say to myself frequently ...)!

1. General Hospital
* I told you I have loads of TV shows to share here. But this one tops the list. I've been watching since before I was born. My child knew the theme song (before they drastically and horribly shortened it) the minute she popped out of my belly. From Sonny and Carly to Jason and Sam, I couldn't live without them. I may go a few weeks and skip watching my DVR, but I have to catch up and I have to find out what I've missed. Which reminds me - I need to see if the DVR has cooperated and recorded without skipping any episodes. There's some heavy stuff going on with Robin's possibly-not-quite-really-dead-death. Stupid time suck - I know. Sigh. But I grew up with Robin. This is important to me.

You think I'm kidding, right?

I'm so totally not.


  1. Oh goodness. So, we already had General Hospital to talk about, but now we have Glee, too? Twitter can't handle this!

  2. Is GH a growing up in NY thing? Cause I noticed many I follow on NYers Twitter watch it!
    Must ask, nutella and peanut butter together? Yay or nay? I am so happy you are back. I love the muffin tin Mondays and Listicles are open till Saturday so anytime my dear, anytime!

  3. Love nutella and peanut butter. And chic lit. And criminal shows. I can't watch Criminal Minds anymore either.

  4. My usual go to drink is the cinnamon dolce latte. Nom nom.
    Confession: I watch Dance Moms ;)

  5. With the exception of the tv shows, we have a lot of the same guilty pleasures! :-)

  6. Robin is like the only kid in soap history that actually aged in real time. I don't watch anymore, but she died!?!

    Chick lit... you know how I feel about chick lit... and peanut butter... and nutella... have you tried Almond Butter... oh my!

    So excited about tonight!!!

  7. What? They killed Robin off? Love your list. I get sad sometimes because I feel nostaglia with soaps, and now all that is on TV is talk shows and game shows.

  8. I love sweet tea! Yes, we can get it here in the Midwest. I started watching GH when Rick Springfield was first on there. I remember when Robin first came on the show, too. Watching all the flashback stuff over the past few weeks was kind of sad.

  9. I can relate to GH being one. Guiding Light use to be one of mine.

  10. They can't kill Robin.... uggg... they need to quit ruining the damn show. I haven't watched it year but I used to all the time!

    Chai... mmm... LOVE it!

  11. I so love Nutella & Iced Chai lattes - such an indulgence!

  12. I can NOT believe General Hospital is #1! I can't.

    I like Twitter, but I'd never get anything done if I was on there for more than a few at a time!

  13. I'm right there with you on the sweet tea and twitter/blogging.

  14. Oooh, you are the second one admitting to a GH guilty pleasure I've read :)
    Peanut butter and crime shows? Count me in!

  15. I love sweet tea too! I don't make it well so, we head to the drive thru at McDonald's when we just have to have it.

  16. We share SO many of these! SO many! Love!


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