Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fools?

I sure hope my scale is playing an April Fools joke on me this morning. Probably not - because yesterday it said the same thing. And yes - I broke my own rule. I weighed in yesterday but it kept fluctuating and I couldn't figure out if I had supposedly put on a pound and change, or two whole pounds. So I waited til today. And two pounds it is. Damnit.


I know I have repeatedly said numbers don't matter. But you know what? I'm a liar sometimes.

We all know that the scale means something. If it didn't we wouldn't step on it every once in a blue moon, right? Right.

And I worked out every day last week. Every.Single.Day.

Please don't say that I'm gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. Because I might throw something at you.

For realz.

But I guess I have to look at it this way. A few weeks ago I gained .8. Last week I lost 2.8. This week I gained 2 = evens out a bit, right? Sucks that I'm back in time three weeks, but body-wise I feel good, my pants are a little bit big on me and I'm still working out.

Yesterday was the first day I took off just to give my heel a break. My left heel is hurting a bit, and although I didn't figure out exactly which day or work out triggered it, since all my stuff is cardio-based I'm guessing that's why.

And yes, I do recognize I should start doing some weight-training. I'm also planning to incorporate some more Wii fit stuff this week, like Hula Hooping and tightrope walking, besides my basic run/walk/march thingamagig.

I was trying to create my own fun ecard this AM on someecards because I figured why not, but the site froze up on me so you just get me being funny and inspired through the creativity of others. (And Pinterest!)

Also - I'm going to admit that I bought a stupid box of Cheez-Its last weekend and proceeded to eat it throughout the week. Damned Cheez-Its. It's my fault, I know. I did try to incorporate them into my daily intake, and I honestly DID keep track, but still. Who needs 'em, right?

And let's not even talk about the Amish Friendship Bread. I think I need to hand that off asap to some friends so I can pass along the chocolate-y goodness and keep it off my scale!

But I also need to remind myself of the following:

A-to-the-WO-MAN, right?

Here's to a fantastic Cheez-It FREE week.

p.s. I did decide to add some extremely dark chocolate into my intake. I bought some bars yesterday that are 70% + cocoa because that's what *they* say you should have. We'll see how right they actually are next weekend, right? Chocolate-cheers!


  1. Just a stumble, not a fall. You just keep on keepin' on. Today is my 6th day and I'm doing ok, but I know I'll have weak moments. I'm going to Florida in a week so I can't imagine not treating myself in some way while I'm there. However, we just get right back into the routine again and fight harder!

    I can tell by how you wrote this that you're fighting, so keep on!

  2. Ugh. Those fluctuations are so, so frustrating, aren't they?

    Hang in there, Mama!

    Here's to a fabulous week!

    (And dark chocolate! Yum!)

  3. Keep in mind it could always be hormones - mine will cause fluctuations of around 3 pounds at certain points in the month. Ahem.

    Hang in there. I hope this week is better!!

  4. I agree with Lisa... if you keep track of your cycle, you might see a pattern. I have days that I know better than to step on the scale. And just step on it again if it's going to drive you crazy... it will probably have gone down.

    I love dark dark chocolate... now I'm hungry!

  5. Just do it, even if you suck LOL I love it!! And the dark chocolate?? YES PLEASE. Keep at it, you're working so hard. I wish you luck on that cheezit free week . . . the only way I stay cheezit free is b/c I'm gluten free. Otherwise I'd be all over those babies. :)


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