Friday, March 2, 2012


It was a rainy night in Dusseldorf….

Sarah drove with abandon down the slippery streets. 

Abandon? Do people really drive with abandon?

Sarah drove rapidly - - drove with emotion - - Sarah was pissed!

Ridiculous. Did Sarah even have to drive? Where was she going? 

Sarah walked out of her apartment - -

Were they called apartments? Flats? Did that matter? 

- - heels clicking on the slippery sidewalk. 

She could fall, but I don't think I want her to...

Something was wrong. She felt it in her gut. 


She heard his name whispered in the wind. She had to get to him.

Great. How is she going to get to him? Drive? Again? A taxi?

Where was their car? Had she parked it last or had he? 


She made her way to their car, the rain beating down ... no not down ...  the rain beating against her face.

Was she crying? I've done that whole tears intermingled with rain before. Sarah wasn't - isn't - that kind of a girl. Woman. She's a woman. Stronger. Intent. Something more. But what?

She made her way to their car, the rain beating - - the rain 

- - rain pelting her busted umbrella. She tossed the umbrella into the backseat - she'd rid herself of it later. It was cold. She needed her gloves. Where were her gloves? The car was a mess. Damnit, Adam. 

Adam. Right. Where was he? 

I tilted my head to the side until my neck popped. Redid my ponytail. Wiped off my glasses. Closed my eyes. My coffee was cold. Swirls of old milk curdling at the top of the cup. I'd been here for hours. And had so little progress. Loads of ideas, but none of them flowed. My hands itched til I rubbed them raw.

Looking at the keyboard I longed for the days of the typewriter. When I could just pull out the paper and start anew. It was almost less easy to do that on a computer screen. As if the words from before were etched there somehow.

I couldn't be the only one to see them.

I just had to write over them. Right. Just write. Ha. As if it were to be that simple. 

Where the hell was Dusseldorf, anyway? Did anyone even care?

I sighed, closed my laptop. I decided that no. Nobody cared.

Including me.

Adam would have to wait.

Write On Edge: Red Writing Hood


  1. This is great! It reminds me of so many abandoned pieces and the conversations I have with myself when I'm writing. So familiar. You really captured something elusive here. Nicely done. And fun to read.

  2. HA!! This is the first one to get me to laugh out loud. I love it!

    I'm totally laughing with "abandon" right now. That's a word used in literary contexts only I think, much like the word "strife" is only really used in writing. No one ever talks about "strife" in real life do they? With abandon?

    I started out my story that way originally - and also with the "where the hell is dusseldorf" line :)

    I enjoyed this very much!

  3. I really liked this a lot! It was a totally different way to write for the prompt... fiction and non-fiction mingled together to tell a story!

  4. What a clever way to do this. Quite amusing peek inside the writers brain :)

    Lol, I have a character asking where Dusseldorf is as well :)

  5. LOL. This was so much fun. You captured a writer's conflict so perfectly in this piece. I loved every word and can totally relate to it.

    In addition you did the pace perfectly, the internal dialogue was delightful and it all came with just the right amount of humor to make every writer smile.

    Great take on this prompt. Thanks:~)

  6. Open it back up! I care, and I want to know more!

  7. Heeehehehe, this Ozark Farm Chick has been on that side of the keyboard too many times!

    This was great!

    God bless and have yourself one fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  8. Hehehe. This was me this morning. I wrote three different stories at varied word counts.

    I even learned that Dusseldorf was allowed to be a city by the duke in the early 12th century, then in Westphalia of the Holy Roman Empire, in order to write a scene for my crusader. Then I decided that he wouldn't have traveled that far north on his way through Switzerland.

    I digress. I love this post!

  9. Get out of my head ;-). What a great idea to write this from the perspective of a frustrated writer (is that being redundant?). Well done!

  10. Well that was a familiar interior monologue, and a clever take on the prompt. Glad you posted it!


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