Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spin, Catherine McKenzie ~ Book Review

Catherine McKenzie's Spin is a fantastic read.

I'll be honest, it's a bit of chick-lit, but it is combined with a whole lot of other stuff.

When I was meeting up with my book club and still reading the book, they asked me to describe it and I couldn't. I kind of said, it's about a girl, who is not really a girl - but a woman - who goes undercover in rehab to follow a celebrity who is in there.

That really doesn't do it any justice. It's so much more than a few lines of description can explain.

Kate, Katie - DOES go into rehab to follow celeb *it girl* Amber, get the scoop and earn herself a job. She does it and we watch her struggle with her emotions, her brain and everything else as she does so. We also watch her make new friends, struggle to keep her old ones, AND battle what could be defined as an addiction to alcohol.

So wait, Kate's actually an addict and belongs in rehab?

Maybe - maybe not. 

We all end up sorting this out together. Including the other side of Kate's train of thought.

I really wind up liking her. Kate, I mean. I like her, I like her friends, even her seemingly crazy roommate. I like Amber, too. And Amy (Kate's rehab roommate!). It's an interesting journey and we watch as she grows from the kind of woman who'd lie to her closest friends about her age - even as she is about to turn 30 - to a woman who is strong and honest, and still a bit messed up.

The characters are thoroughly written, even the ones we rarely see. The parents, people from her past. Her friends. The ones who truly know her, the ones who think they do and don't. And her roommate. Oh, how I loved the character of her roommate. The labeling of the food - the seemingly erratic behaviors - and yet we wind up liking her, too. At least I did. Kate's an interesting individual who attracts interesting people. That's probably the best way I can sum up this whole story.

Well, I can't tell you everything or it would give it all away! But I will admit to finishing this book in about two days. And being overwhelmed when I first received it and seeing how thick it is. And checking those last pages and finding them in the 400+ range. And yet, I really liked it. And I think you will, too. Pick yourself up a copy of Spin. You'll enjoy it - I'm quite sure.

** I received a copy of this book from TLC Book Tours to facilitate my review. All expressed opinions are completely my own.**


  1. I'm so not a reader. Isn't that awful for me to consider myself a writer and not be a reader??? I'm trying. I think part of my problem may be I have some vision issues (my eyes sort of bounce- strange), and I find myself caught up in blogs to the point that I never think to pick up a book. I want to be better at this, though. I need a book to read on the subway, ya know. :-)

  2. I've been so bad at reading this year, which says a lot, because you know how much I love to. I HAVE to pick up something more than Mom Porn soon... maybe this will be it!

  3. I put it on my list. Hopefully my library can get it. They have been previewing a "new software" for the entire country and it stinks. So, with this, they are not Kindle/Nook/etc ready. I was so excited about libraries going electronic, I caved in and bought a Kindle. Darn!

  4. Sounds like a fun read with a lot going on - perfect for a fun weekend getaway!

    Thanks for being on the tour. I'm so happy you enjoyed this one as much as you did!

  5. Thanks for the review, girl! I'm always looking for new reads!

  6. So glad you liked it! Thanks for your review - Catherine McKenzie


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