Saturday, November 26, 2011


I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful for my health and that of my family.

Yes, I have aches and pains. Complaints and 900 meds of late. But I'm healthy. I'm lucky to be so. And my kid, she's a beast when it comes to rock solid health, thank my lucky stars she has the husband's immune system.

I'm also thankful for the rest of my family. I don't mean
the rest in the way that it sounds. I promise you that. But I suppose when one gets married it is quite weird to recognize that your spouse ... and any subsequent children, should you have any... become immediate, and anyone else can be looked at as "extended" ... it just sounds iffy to me. How could my parents and my brother become suddenly extended, right? They're my family. That's that. I'm thankful for them. My sister-in-law who is more like a sister (we even started a blog but barely write anything on it, it's called Sisters by Choice - yikes, we have not posted on it since April, that's bad!) and my beautiful niece who is six weeks older than my beautiful daughter.

I know I have more things to be thankful for. And I know that I am thankful for more things. But for right now, today, on this Saturday after Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the newest addition to my family.

I introduce to you ... Bella.

Bella is our new baby. We adopted her today at the local SPCA. We brought Dexter with us to meet her and they hit it off. Fairly well. Okay, as well as an almost 10 year old man dog and a not quite 3 year old little girl puppy can hit it off on their first meeting.

Right now she is passed out next to me on the couch. And Dex is asleep - somewhere - around the other side of us. She is slightly territorial of me already. A total mama's girl. He is protective of us to a small extreme, and aside from trying to take advantage of her head, he's been growling but not aggressive. She is submissive, which is good, so she is letting him see she knows he's Alpha dog. However, we also have one small other issue to consider. Or four small ones.

The feline friends.

Oh, did you not know we have four cats? We do. And Bella doesn't quite know what cats are - exactly. But she'll get there. She has to. Right? After all, we brought Dexter home into an apartment with two cats who were not happy to see him and here we are all these years later with many a cat through our lives and he's been great. Bella will be, too!

And on that note, I bid thee an early good night. As I think tomorrow might be as long a day as today was. Oh, I must add that we took the dogs for a 2 mile walk around the lake, and we, and the kiddo, and the pups, all enjoyed it. If anything I am also hopeful that this addition to the family will get us moving some more. She's a motivated little girl, she needs the exercise and so do WE!

p.s. Fill me in on what's new with you. Any deal catching this Black Friday? Or are you like me - waiting for Cyber Monday to begin? Happy Shopping!


  1. You are so brave to take on yet another furry friend, but clearly that just shows how big your heart is. :)

  2. She looks sweet! Love that she was crashed next to you already. Lucky girl to get a good family. :)

    I always say - a couple whacks by the cats and she'll figure it out.

  3. Bella looks like a perfect addition to your sweet family. She will eventually understand what cats are, after being swiped and hissed at a few times. She will bring unending amounts of love, happiness, and comfort to your family. Welcome, Bella!

  4. My Word, Mamma! You've got quite the menagerie!

    I'm thankful to have my children home again. As you know, it was a little bumpy while they were gone! :)

  5. aw, Bella is adorable! I bet she is thankful too to have been adopted by such a lovely family!

  6. Bella is gorgeous! Congratulations! :)


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