Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stream Of Consciousness: What I Need


I haven't linked up with anyone for a while, so I decided to do so today with All Things Fadra and Stream of Consciousness Sunday.

I will cheat a bit, as I am on a new laptop (to me) and adjusting to the keys, so forgive me if I fat finger too much and I will try to catch any mega-glaring typos.

Even though that's against the rules. I think Fadra (and you!) will forgive me!

So, what you do is take five minutes and just type. Think of something, don't, it's all good. So, here I go:
We've been busy the past few weeks, and I was talking to my mom this morning, or afternoon, or whenever, and I told her what is in store for us in the coming weeks.

Pause, please, 4-yo made a birthday card for a friend and is bringing it over for me to review. Again. Please hold ...

It's beautiful. But I am biased. But it really is pretty. Anyway, so my five minutes don't take up your time talking about a 4-yo's birthday card, here we go. Where was I again?

Ah, yes, what's coming up. You know, it's interesting that I read Fadra's post before I started writing this, as I have similar stuff on the brain. Really similar. Feeling like who am I? What's my point and purpose. And so forth.

And I do have one. For this post and myself.

I am a mom. And I am Andrea. And I am a social worker, who, although I am not currently practicing, I am still being, in some ways.

Many of you know I have been volunteering for TriangleMommies for several years. Many of you are like what is that? It's my local moms' group. And I also volunteer for the National organization on their Community Outreach/Charitable Events division. And I love it. My social worker self finds all of this essential to keeping my sanity as a mom who stays home and isn't working or driving.

And so I mentioned last week, or this week, or some time a few posts back that I was fidgety. And I am. And I had stuff in the works. And it started up this week.

Which is good. It's good for me as I NEED that. I need a way to remember that I am more than just mom. Although what I am doing and going to be doing is all - in some way - mom-related, it's all important and good stuff.

And soon enough I'll be back on the working track, and this stuff will also come into play.

My daughter is going to be a Daisy Scout! Can you just die? So cute. And I am going to be her troop's co-leader. Ack! Mommy-hood comes front and center, but it's going to be so much fun. And also, this past week I had the pleasure of connecting with and starting to volunteer with Moms Supporting Moms, which is a local to the Triangle organization (that is affiliated in some ways with Postpartum Support International) and I am going to be helping moms in need. New moms who experience the anxiety I did so few years ago.

And that, that stuff? Is what I NEED. It's good. It's great. It's crazy. But it's great.

What about you? What are you doing for YOU these days? Fill me in.

And I have to go now. Cause my five mins are up and my typos are glaring! oops. TGISunday!


  1. Ok, I now love you even more. This was a perfect post for me to start the week. I love the mommy hecticness (yeah, maybe not a word) interspersed with what an amazing woman you are. I adore you, my friend.

  2. Helping feels good. I love the smile you typed with! :O)

  3. It's good that you are doing all that.

    Lately, I'm giving up my free blog time to work more at my son's school...and of course, that two year old keeps me away from my blog, too.

    Hope you are well.

  4. I'm my daughter Daisy leader. Beware it is more work than you envision but still worth it. I passed along an award to you.

  5. There's a lot of satisfaction in doing that kind of volunteering. I'm glad you're doing things that help you complete all sides of you!

  6. How wonderful to be able to use your skills to help people that really need them.

  7. A Daisy Scout??? Too cute.. we don't do scouts... one thing too many.

    Right now, I'm facing 5 Kid-Free days... I've got some fun plans with friends for Thanksgiving, but for the first time since this spring, don't have any other plans while they are gone... yes, read between the lines... I'm sure I'll be much busier than I think, though and maybe I'll get some things done for once!

  8. Such a fun link up. I love the free writing form. Thanks for sharing!

    And me, I'm up to this second kid thing. ;)

  9. Here's the most important thing: following your passion. I love that you had a passion that lead you to your profession and you are finding ways to use that passion in your life.

    Keep up the good work!!


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