Thursday, November 10, 2011

#LeapFrogParty from Mommy Parties!

The people at Mommy Parties have been kind enough to understand that it has taken me a bit longer to get my party post up as I have had a few small delays. The first being my husband's surprise appendectomy. Pushed my partying plans back a bit there. Couldn't exactly have loads of little happy faces jumping around the house while he's trying to rest, right?

And then I had the post, and the pictures, but the pictures won't load. They're on a disk with too many videos of my daughter and my niece, so my video of myself won't load, either.

And then we took off to Disney (Tag Reader and bundle of books along for the ride!) and that was that.

But I'm back and I'm ready to talk about the Frog. The one and only LeapFrog, of course.

Most specifically their incredible products.

This was not our first foray into LeapFrog products (we still have Lily, from when my daughter was a baby, and somehow she is going strong into her 4th year) but it was our first experience with the Tag Reading System. I know many people who have it and love it, but I've never jumped in and given it a shot.

Now I know why so many people have it and love it. My daughter does, too! And after bringing it to Florida with us, my nephew (6) and nieces (7 and 9) really enjoyed it, as well. And yes, even the 9-year-old. I think just having it there to back her up as she read the stories was kind of cool.
Even if my younger niece tried to turn the actual reader into a wand for her witch costume. Oops!

And my mother- and father- in law were both blown away by the technology and the way my daughter used it to sound out her words. My MIL was a preschool teacher for many years, and as she watched the kids engage I am pretty sure that she started making some mental notes for holiday shopping.

I also had the opportunity to watch my daughter enjoy both, the Interactive World Map (this child is so into geography I know she is my husband's daughter!) and the LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet. The Tablet means I get to use my iPad a bit more and hubby gets to use his own tablet. But just a little bit. I think her favorite feature is the built in camera. But she's a shutterbug/paparazzi just like me.

Next on my list for her (holiday shopping, anyone?) is the Solar System Adventure Pack, as there's probably one thing she enjoys more than looking at the world, and that's looking at space. From their website with an explanation of what the product teaches:

In space science children are taught about the different planets in our solar system and their moons as well as about our moon, the sun and the universe. The science of astronomy and space travel gets progressively more detailed and eventually incorporates physics and math."

Overall I think that everyone was excited with the new products and the fan favorites remain as such. I was thrilled to hand out some of the coupons to my guests (the moms, not the kids!) and actually might have one left over that I can give away to one of my readers. So if you're interested in some shopping and saving just let me know ...

Thanks again to LeapFrog and Mommy Parties for this fun and fantastic test drive of these products and lots of fun for the kiddo and her friends.


  1. Oh Lily I forgot about her my daughter had one when she was a baby in fact I think she may have had two.

  2. My favorite thing I've seen with them lately is that interactive map!

  3. Leap Frog does come up with the best prodcuts!

    Hope your Hubby is feeling better!


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