Thursday, September 29, 2011

Share a Spoon: Corn Chowder!

Think Tank Momma

Oh my goodness. It's fall. I mean, when you read this it will have already been fall on the calendar for like a week or so. And it's hot and humid and sticky. But last week it was not. Last week it was rainy and cool and totally fall-like.

So I made soup. Not just any soup. My mother-in-law's corn chowder. And if you know me, this is way more than my typical lazy-mom self likes to do. But guess what? It was SO easy!!!

I have had a recipe for this jotted down for years. Yes. You read me right. YEARS. And I was afraid to try it. It was always so good, really GOOD when she made it. I was afraid I'd frig it up.

But guess what? I totally didn't! I rocked it. And you will, too. I promise!

Good Girl Gone Redneck's Mother-In-Law's Corn Chowder

- 4 med potatoes/I used 6-8 small red bliss (peeled and cubed)

- 1 can corn niblets (drained)

- 1 can creamed corn

- 1 can evaporated milk

- 1 can water (I used 1 can of chicken broth)

*optional ingredients that I decided to use:

- 1/2 bag frozen mixed veggies

- shredded roast chicken
- after serving you can add shredded parmesan cheese just to give it an extra kick

Combine ingredients and let simmer for hours. Would probably work very well in a crockpot, as well. SOOOO incredibly good.

Now, my MIL calls for a tbsp sugar, and you can do some salt/pepper to taste, but I skipped that part. She also sautees the potatoes in butter and cooks them before adding them to the soup, but I just let them cook in the pot after tossing them in raw.

And that's that. It's really simple, and I promise it's like the best corn chowder you'll ever taste in your life. Seriously. You could probably toss some bacon in there, if that's your gig. I might try it with turkey bacon next time, instead of the chicken. Yum.

So good luck. And stay warm. And, oh yeah, enjoy!


  1. I LOVE corn chowder, and this looks awesome!

  2. It sounds yummy. I'll try it. This week we're supposed to lose the 80s and get into the 60s. I hope so. The love soups in cold weather. They warm the soul too.

  3. Everyone always thinks soup is so difficult, but really? You throw everything in a pot and poof! Like magic it all blends together and gets all yummified! Thanks for the theme and for Sharing this week!

  4. Oh my.... that looks really tasty! I may have to double it for my family though!


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