Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Know You're a Mom When ...

I haven't done one of these in a while, and as I sit here and it's nearly midnight, I think it's long overdue.

You know you're a mom when ...

... You can practically recite the words to entire episodes of
Good Luck, Charlie.

... You can't fall asleep at night because the theme song to
Shake It Up is rattling around your brain. Sh-sh-sh shake it up!

... You find yourself making Ovaltine "chocolate milk" at request several times a day.

... You've been summoned to play hide and seek for the fourth time in the past hour.

... The little person you are seeking has no problem using the same hiding place multiple times. In a ROW.

... She also TELLS you where she is hiding, so you have to pretend you don't know just so the game runs a bit longer and you get to go pee in peace! Seriously - don't tell me you haven't done it, too!

... You've watched the
Phineas & Ferb movie about 15x in the past two weeks.

... And the crazy show
Wipeout at least a dozen. In the last week. As in ONE week. Help me!

... You find yourself stepping on things that stick to your feet - like stickers, little bits of construction paper and f*cking Legos!

... Your couch has turned into a toy box.

... You find yourself asking if she wants to eat breakfast at the big table, or the little table. Which also means in front of the TV.

... Baking things can be fun and somewhat cathartic, except when little hands and bodies get in your way or under your feet. And then you lose it. Your mind. Your patience. And your sanity. Assuming you had any of that left to begin with.

... You wouldn't change having this little person in your life for anything in the world. Except maybe a little more sleep!


  1. I remember stepping on those dang Lego's. At my sister's house it is Transformers I step on.

  2. I love this post!! Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's from Triberr (WooHoo)!! I stopped by to follow browse around! Looking forward to more post!

  3. My favorite used to be when they'd sit in the middle of the room, cover their own eyes and shout "Find Me!" and you'd have to pretend you couldn't see them sitting IN.THE.MIDDLE.OF.THE.ROOM! Both of my kids did this!

  4. The house we stayed in at the beach was completely stocked with toys, including little plastic soldiers. Those things nearly killed me! They hurt SO BAD when I stepped on them.


  5. Oh so true! The entire floor can be clear and I'll find the one lego that was left behind for me to step on...grrr! Think I may do a similar list on my blog too, if I may... :)

  6. I so don't want to lose it when JDaniel wants to help cook, but I do.

  7. So true. I hate stepping on things. Love the breakfast in front of the TV.

  8. So So so true! Legos and wipe out are huge at our house. I would add another that pertains to me - You know you're a mom when you can recite Good Night Moon from the front cover to the back cover.

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  10. LOL! So true. Except my couch is the dining room table. I swear if I hafta vacuum cheez-its off my couch one more time...


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