Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Marriage Challenge: The Bedroom

I've decided to link up today with Project Marriage Challenge and do a little work on my bedroom. IN the bedroom. My actual bedroom, not what YOU'RE thinking. ;)

I have been so slack in doing clean up in my room. Hubby and I just let things pile up in there, make messes, and just sort of leave it be. Once it is where it is it ends up staying there. I'm sure we're not the only ones who know how that goes.

And I'll admit one of the things that works in our home is having separate blankets. In our huge king-sized bed. Yes, one for him. Two for me. I'm bad like that, sorry. But he has a comforter, and I have two quilts. Light quilts. Nothing too heavy so I can layer. Or kick them all around. Or whatever works for me.

And for months now my husband has been saying his blanket is a mess. It's our old comforter from when we lived in NYC. Yes, if you're trying to do the math, that was back in 2005/6. Maybe even before then. I'm honestly not quite sure. It's got tears in it, and it's falling apart. I ordered a new one for him, but by the time I did that and it came it was getting warm and spring cleaning didn't include having the heaviest blanket on earth on our bed.

But we DID get a new blanket for our guest room. For when the grandparents were visiting. We just needed something new and fresh and clean and pretty. And we got this bright red comforter, that's lighter than the others we have, and it's reversible. Tan on the other side.

So after reading about this link-up I decided to go upstairs, get that old torn ratty blue one off the bed, change the sheets and get that pretty and bright red one on the bed. Immediately! Look how nice it looks!

Next? I tackle the to-read bookshelf (and the extra one next to it) that sit in the corner of the room. I love having it there, but I have so many books these days I'm reaching the floor and starting a new pile. And the bin next to the bookcase? More books. It's time to work on that area, and de-stress that corner of the room. Which is mine. My corner. Any wonder I can't fall asleep at night?

So if you're in the mood for some summer cleaning, and want to spruce up your bedroom a bit, head on over to Life Without Pink and link up here!


  1. yep, I know that story- the one about piles in the bedroom and all the books.

    I just did a HUGE book purge where I put all my old books I'll probably never read again out on my front step and people took most of them. I recycled the rest. It was sad.

    Then I had to do another book purge because I had bedbugs.

    Now forget I even said that.

    I am so anti-Kindle, but I've decided I want one. Kindles don't pile up and they certainly don't get bedbugs.

    I still have lots of books, and I love them.

    And I'm stopping here because this is the subject of my next post!

  2. also, I love the new blanket!

  3. The the bright red spread.

    I too had multiple bookcases of books, until we moved twice in four years. That really gives you incentuve to purge. That and watching Hoarders. I donated a lot my to a local organization for there booksale. The rest went to goodwill. Now I trade paperbooks at my Used Book store for more to read. Yeah! Once a book lover...always a book lover.

  4. Jim and I also do the 2 blanket thing. So much easier than trying to exist under one blanket on the ling sized bed. Especially since I've got this thing about having my feet covered--I hate it!

    I love my ereader simply because I don't have books lying around everywhere. Well, fewer books anyway.

  5. Very nice! I am impressed you shared pics. I would be too frightened to sharepics of our messy room. :(

  6. I cleaned out our closets yesterday. Got rid of a whole trash bag of clothing. The closets look so much better.

  7. We have two blankets, too! We both steal covers, so it's a necessity.

  8. You go! Little changes are the best :) Thanks for linking up to #projectmarriage


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