Friday, July 15, 2011

The Red Dress Cub: My Shoes

Matt and I walk into the waiting area of the doctor's office and I am still in shock. Am I really here? Is he really with me? I find myself slowly shaking my head as the receptionist encourages us to find a seat. I look around. The room is packed.

There are so few spots with two chairs, so we maneuver our way over towards the side wall. The woman sitting there smiles at us. I think I smile back. I'm honestly not sure.

I sit down, holding my stomach carefully. Could there be a baby in there? I look down at my hand. What am I doing? I don't even know. I keep looking. G-d, I love these shoes. I wonder if I'll still be able to fit into ...

The woman next to us says hi. I answer, and turn back to my shoes. They're so sparkly. So pretty. Not quite comfortable, but just enough that I can walk in them. They're sexy, too. Reds and pinks and ... what? What is she saying now? I look over at Matty and he is trying to be nice. I know that look. That smile. It's so apparently void. To me. Not to her. What is she saying? She asked when we're due. What kind of ...

"We're not sure yet,"
she's floored. "We're here to find out." I drown out her voice with the slight humming in my head. Matty reaches for my hand, gives me a slight squeeze. I wink at him, shifting my gaze back to my feet.

Will my feet swell? Isn't that what happens to pregnant people? People! Ha! Women. Pregnant women. It's not all people who can get pregnant. Though there was that one dude ... what? Did she just ask me what I hope I'm having? Are you kidding me, lady?

I find myself muttering something in response, and then looking around as if to find the cameras that must be aimed in our direction, because if this pregnancy isn't a part of a Punk'd episode, then this woman we're sitting next to must be.

She keeps going. Breastfeeding? What the hell? I don't even know if I am pregnant. How on earth does she expect me to know what I plan to feed this child? "I, uh --" I think I start muttering again. Stumbling over my words.

I look over at her as if to ask her who she thinks she is. But I'm trying to be nice. I'm trying to keep quiet. I lean into Matt, tug on his hand and stand up. He follows. We both have smiles plastered on our faces.

I take timid steps towards the back wall of the waiting area. My shoes clicking beneath me. G-d, I love these shoes. They really do make me stand so much taller. I feel powerful. Like I can handle anything. And yet - what is coming my way? I honestly have no clue.

I can hear the woman huffing a bit. She's not thrilled we walked away. But what does she know, anyway? Let her try to walk a mile in these ...


Some of this may sound familiar, because, well, it is. Some time back we were prompted to write about a certain kind of character, and so I did, but I did not link this up to my "story" until I knew for certain that I was going to reveal that Em thought she was pregnant. You can read the other side of this scene Here.

And for the rest of Matt and Emmalynn's story, you can click here as I now have a page that I have them posted in order: Matt and Em's story.


  1. I still need to go back and read it in order! Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. We weren't sure for awhile. I had home test that said so, but we didn't believe it until the doctor confirmed it.

  3. I love that she might be pregnant- excellent part of their story!

    You wove between that uncertainty and her distraction with her shoes realy well!

  4. You id a great job of weaving the shoes into her internal monologue, and they do reveal much about about her struggle with the possibility.

  5. Oh yay!! I'm loving this story. I love that you blended the shoe prompt in so seamlessly. I love the continuation on this story and Matt and Emmalynn.


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