Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Reads ...

So, what's on tap for you this summer? Lots of adventure? Loads of days on the beach? Travels to foreign lands? I'm hoping to do all of the above!

Yeah - you got me - through the books I read. (As if the title didn't give that away!)

I figured I'd list a bit of what I have in store for myself this summer. Some of them are carried over from last summer, but this year I plan to dive into them and devour.

What's your idea of a good summer read? I think I'm going to get my planned book swap going for the summer. Maybe a Sweet Summer Things kind of thing?

Anyway, here's some of what I plan on sinking my teeth - eyes - into as the weather warms up:

* Ten Beach Road, Wendy Wax

* Life's a Beach, Claire Cook

* The Wednesday Sisters, Meg Waite Clayton

* The Beach Trees, Karen White

* The Peach Keeper, Sarah Addison Allen

* South of Superior, Ellen Airgood

* Hello, Goodbye, Emily Chenoweth

* Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, Beth Hoffman

* Little Bee, Chris Cleave

* Bossypants, Tina Fey

* The Opposite of Me, Sarah Pekkanen

* The Girls, Lori Lansens

* Flirting with Forty, Jane Porter

So, what's on tap? Are you a mystery fan? A put your feet up and lay back in the sand kind of reader? Is it all about turning the pages or have you switched to a Kindle or Nook? (More on my confusion about that decision later ...)

Let's talk books!


  1. You know when I saw the title of this post I couldn't get over here fast enough! :)

    I am not working, so you and I are finally taking that beach trip!

    I've not made my summer reading list yet, but you know how I feel about CeeCee Honeycut. I also really liked The Wednesday Sisters... I wish she'd write more, or if she has, that the library would get copies. The Peach Keeper is on reserve for me at the library right now... I need to go pick it up!

  2. I need to find time to read, excuses, excuses

  3. I'm going to do lots of reading this summer, too. We're going on a cruise and I'll be loading up my Kobo ereader before we go.

    I've read CeeCee Honeycut and loved it. Little Bee was really good, too. I'm on the wait list for the Peach Keeper at the library.

  4. I now love my Kindle! I can't believe how quickly I became a kindle fan.

    I don't have a to-read list for summer, though. Though I have read some good stuff lately. I'd say it all, but it's on goodreads. ;)

  5. I just want to read something.. anything. Maybe finish off a book that is half finished on my night stand and has been for, oh, I don't know.. almost a year now.

  6. I am a Kindle one thought I would be because I LOVE. books, the way the smell, the colors (I have my 2 massive book cases currently organized by color, it's sorta quilt-like). Anyway, I always have some BIG tome saved up for the summer, then read whatever my mother-in-law has laying around up at Shady Nook. But she converted to Kindle's a new era...yikes! I do have an interesting suggestion for a book for you though that I just finished: "The 19th Wife" by David Ebershoff, now I am reading another by him "The Danish Girl" he's a new find for me and a great writer!


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