Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nutella: It's what's for breakfast!

Major bummer that my plans for a Nutella Party playdate a week or so ago fell apart since almost everyone that was supposed to come was sick. The flu, the weather, teething and a crazy long drive kept people away from my house full of Nutella goodies.

I truly wanted to throw a fun party for the mamas that participate in my local mom site, and are in the PPD support forum with me. I was totally ready, as Mommy Parties completely stocked me up. BIG time.
Nutella is a little dose of heaven, and so I thought if anyone deserved it these ladies did.

But, alas, it was not meant to be. So instead I am handing out goodies to my friends and waiting to celebrate at another date. I know this kind of breaks the Mommy Parties rule, but I am still talking about my party - even though it fell flat.

I am SO in love with Nutella I could cry. Seriously. And can you imagine that they sent me a huge jar, like a jumbo sized one, which you can probably get at BJs or somewhere like that - AND - ready for this? I have not yet eaten the entire jar. Yay for me!

It's so huge, it's almost ominous. I would feel awful if I ate it all by myself, so I just treat myself to a little bit now and then. Yum. Pure heaven.

If you have not ever tried Nutella you really must. They sent me some teeny-tiny samples that are so cute, and some coupons for me to pass on to my friends. Along with a travel mug, and a special Nutella spreading knife.
Safe enough for your kids to use. But who am I kidding? As if you'd really share your Nutella with your kids! HA!

I'm a little bit lazy right now, but maybe I'll even do a giveaway and surprise someone who comments on this post with a Nutella prize pack. What do you think? (It may take me 100 years to get to the post office, but if you're okay with waiting, I'm okay with picking you!)

Anyway - I decided that since a bunch of people weren't coming and bringing their yummy waffles and graham crackers that I would make my own attempt at incorporating Nutella into something breakfasty. And so I began.

I started with a box of Pillsbury Pumpkin bread mix. (Another dose of heaven right there!) And made my batter as per the directions on the back of the box (they give you muffin instructions, which is how I almost always make mine). And then I separated the batter, just about halved it. Well, that's kind of a lie, as what I really did was make a batch of a dozen muffins BEFORE adding the Nutella to the mix. And then I took the rest of the batter and added a whole bunch of swirls of Nutella in there. It looked really realllllly good.

And when they were baking they smelled delicious. Only I am sad to say that when I tasted them they were not Nutella-y enough for me. Maybe I needed more. Maybe I just am so used to tasting it straight off the spoon? **Guilty!** Maybe maybe maybe. Either way, I am definitely going to give Nutella a try with other baking recipes down the line. We'll see how they turn out.

Some of my favorite ways to eat Nutella:

- Off the spoon. Yes. I'm serious.
- In a tortilla. Preferably flour. Sometimes warmed up in the microwave.
- In S'mores. Graham crackers, marshmallows and a scoop of Nutella, pop in the microwave and melt. Have I mentioned the word heaven yet?
- On frozen waffles. Perfection. Especially when they're slightly warm. It melts a bit. Oozes a bit. And it's perfect. Yum.

Anyway, if I haven't sold you yet you'll want a reason to try it, I'm sure. And the Nutella website has a giveaway where they will send their winner a CASE of this incredible treat. Check it out here for more details.

And in case you couldn't tell by now ...
**I was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions in this review of the product are entirely my own. I <3 Nutella and thank Mommy Parties for providing me with the materials to host a fun Nutella Party ... even if mine did kind of fall flat!**


  1. I think your enthusiasm for Nutella has convinced me I am totally missing out on some awesomeness.

    I eat Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese off of a spoon.

  2. I'm a relatively new convert. I LOVE Nutella. I either eat if straight off the spoon or on toast.

  3. Oh, how funny! Definitely on the same wavelength! ;)

    You'll have to try the cookies that I linked to in mine. SO good.

  4. I adore Nutella. I mean I could marry it, if it were legal ;^)

  5. I've walked by this at the store and each time I do I think "I'm so going to try that!" and I don't know why I don't just grab it.

    I haven't

    But I should

    Maybe I'll make a special trip today

  6. I might actually have to try Nutella sometime:)


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