Monday, February 28, 2011

Born Under a Lucky Moon ~ Book Review

Born Under a Lucky Moon, by Dana Precious

I'm not quite sure our main character, Jeannie, WAS born under a lucky moon at all, but she sure was born into a family who lived their day to day under a FULL one, if you ask me!

Jeannie Thompson was someone I enjoyed reading about. I kind of wanted to be her friend and knock some sense into her now and then. And her family? Well, to say they were interesting would be to shortchange their eccentricities. They were a wild bunch.

From her crazy grandma who raced her wheelchair into a lemonade stand, NAKED to her mother throwing a surprise wedding for one of her sisters who was already married, a wedding to be thrown the day AFTER their brother's wedding was already planned. Oh, and by the way, to their new not yet sister-in-law, Anna ... can sister Lucy wear your wedding dress after you do?


A whirlwind of love, emotion and humility. Loads of embarrassment and lunacy (Grandma went a little crazy staying at the family home - crazier than usual, not that one wonders why). Strength and backbone.

We learn most of the story as Jeannie relays it to the current love of her life. She's terrified to fully invest in him as she thinks he'll run off when he meets her family. I can't say I blame her, and when we hear that she's been hurt before, we back her up even more.

Then we "meet" her ex. What an @ss. She's better off without him. But Aidan ... there is something about Aidan that we like and we trust and we feel right about. And ultimately we want Jeannie to open her eyes and feel it, too.

Overall I enjoyed this book. There were some parts that I felt were relevant enough, but did make the book a bit long for a slow reader. Fortunately, I'm not one of those, so I was able to persevere and enjoy the story. I'll admit I liked the family history more than the current day stuff, and understood the purpose was to share the story with Aidan and with us, the readers, but there were a few times where I just said, you know, I could do without the movie industry and the Jeannie's competitive and concerned for her job nature.

I do feel that it all came together in the end, and actually, was probably more purposeful throughout than I am making it sound. It just lengthened the story some, and I think that there will be a handful of people who pick up the book, look at the size and move on. I'm going to suggest that if that is you - you don't keep going, but you pick it up and dive right in.

And enjoy it. Especially when you get to the parts about Grandma. Man, that woman was one crazy old broad!

** I was not compensated in any way for this review. I was provided with a copy of the book to facilitate my review. All expressed opinions are strictly my own.**

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  1. "A whirlwind of love, emotion and humility. Loads of embarrassment and lunacy. Strength and backbone." How could I NOT want to read this book after that?! I'm glad the length didn't put you off - it sounds like this one was really worth it.

    Thanks for being on the tour!


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