Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recipe: Coconut and Peanut Chicken

It's Sabroso Saturday!

As explained in the link-up, Sabroso Saturday means Tasty Saturday. This is the day when we all share recipes that have helped us stretch our budget, our imagination AND our taste buds, without sacrificing our health!

If you follow me on Twitter you saw that I tweeted one night last week (or was it two weeks ago?) about the most delicious meal I have made in I don't know how long. The kind that I ate that night, the next day, and the day after that. I totally cheated, as it's a recipe on the can and packet of ingredients I used, but it was SO good that I had to share.

Coconut and Peanut Chicken

3 chicken breasts *mine were pretty thick so I cut them in chunks/strips/whatever works*
1 can of coconut milk
1 package of A Taste of Thai peanut sauce mix (with two small packets inside)

- Pour coconut milk into corningware baking dish, add peanut sauce mix and whisk together.

- Place chicken in mixture and coat all sides

- It's immediately READY TO BAKE. You can let it soak a bit - which I did as the oven preheated, but otherwise I just popped that baby in there and mmmn.

I added frozen peas to the main dish, and made a huge pot of brown rice for the rest of the meal.

It bakes at 350* for like 30 minutes or so, until your chicken is cooked, and it is SO GOOD.

Seriously, SO good.

Let it sit a bit after you cook it so the sauce thickens some and it's less soupy when you top your rice with it. You could probably make it with egg noodles, and have it be a pseudo-pad-thai type of a meal, as well.

I could eat the sauce with the rice all day long. And I think I have. I had one serving left after two days, and I'll was totally about ready to eat it for breakfast!

The recipe was on the coconut milk can and the seasoning packet for the sauce, I just tweaked it a little bit. Ah, heaven. Enjoy!

Oh, and in case you haven't yet seen the recipe I posted on Thursday for Share a Spoon, check it out here: Pumpkin Oatmeal = another dose of complete heaven ... SOOO good.

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  1. I so love Thai food! Thanks for sharing - sounds awesome.

  2. I'm a big fan of Thai! This sounds fabulous!

  3. I love this Thai recipe for its simplicity. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've never heard of this recipe before.. it's very nice to know a new way to cook chicken.. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Coconut and peanut chicken! Yum! I don't have to go to the restaurant where the owner yells at the kitchen staff. We can now make this at home. Thanks!

  6. Sounds quick and easy.

    I am ALL ABOUT quick and easy.


    That came out wrong.

  7. Sounds yummy. Love the new look of the blog too.

  8. Andrea, I was so excited to try this tonight, but left the darn peanut sauce on the conveyor belt at the store : ( tomorrow night! Love your blog btw, if I never told you before xxo Jessa


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