Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dial Diaries: Ends as the New Year Begins

I fell slack on posting about the Dial Diaries experience here for you, my friends.

I'm a Dial NutriSkin Member!

I started a post to cover Weeks 2 and 3 last week, and then it turned into nothing, as I just didn't really know what to say. Here's a link to my post from the first week, in case you're interested and might have missed it.

I think I went into this with too high of an expectation. I kind of thought there would be interaction between participants, along with some words from the "expert" aka "guide" aka Amy Hendel. Instead we got to log in, possibly post some questions for her if we had any, and I honestly have no clue (edited to update, I now, at the end of the program, have a small clue as I just saw a fellow participant comment on my Week 1 post!) who else is participating in this event. There's no camaraderie here. No connections. And it honestly makes me kind of sad.
Now, don't get me wrong, she [Amy - and no, we're not on a first name basis] seemed nice enough in her videos, and in her small excerpts that we - as participants - were given access to to inspire us or something. But she didn't really do much inspiring for me overall.

And it's been four weeks and we've only been shown 2 other blog entries / articles written by those participating in this program, so that's been kind of eh, as well.

But lest I keep complaining and seem ungrateful, I will share that week 2 was about skincare, and I did receive a surprise bottle of Dial NutriSkin body wash that I could give a test run. I liked it enough and it's hanging out in my shower. It's kind of minty, which is always nice, and has a cherry scent. Apparently cherry seed oil is good for your skin - or something.

And week 3 was about exercise. Or maybe I have those backwards. But I DID actually appreciate the reminder that it's important to move our bodies. I'd been working out a bit here and there, and trying to get myself moving to the point that I could notice a change in me. And it's working. Albeit a slow and steady climb, I've lost a mini-amount of weight since the four weeks began, and I will say thanks to Dial for motivating me to start a focus of this nature.

**More on that in a future post, as Santa bought our family a Wii for Christmas and I just ordered the Wii Fit Deluxe, too! Way to go, Santa! You must know we ate loads of those cookies we left for you. Oh, and the pumpkin muffins. And the egg nog - oh, wait, I hate egg nog. But hey, a Wii! Yahoo!**

Lastly, we're encouraged to find "me time," time for ourselves where we take the focus off of everyone else, remove ourselves from those around us and find time to be centered, etc. Amy encourages us to get organized enough to be able to find that sort of time for ourselves every single day. Can you imagine? I can't - but I'd like to be able to. I've been trying to do so this past week, and the previous weekend, as well, in fact, as my husband has been home for the long holiday weekends, so I've been able to find some time to just hide away upstairs with a game of Angry Birds to keep me entertained. And hey - it's working. At least until the wee one comes upstairs and crashes in on me. But that has to count for something, right?

So - wrapping up I'd like to thank Dial for my free sample, and for the chance to participate along with 99 other bloggers. I only wish I knew who those people were ... but hey, it's never too late to make connections, so that's what I'll have to try to do!

Happy New Year, Dial.

Thanks for being a small part of my kick-starting myself off to becoming a healthier ME.

** The opinions expressed in this post are completely my own. I have not been compensated in any way for my post or for expressing my opinions. I did receive the aforementioned shower gel from Dial, and I was to be entered in a trip giveaway after these four weeks had ended. I think we can all safely assume I'm out of the running for that one - right?**


  1. Too bad it worked out that way, but yay for the free sample! :)

  2. Bummer it wasn't better organized.

    Cherry oil soaps are supposed to be good for arthritis. Plus, they totally smell good!

  3. I do hope you enjoyed your time with husband home! Good for a free sample but ?

  4. Too bad it didn't work out the way you had hoped but yeah for great reminders to take care of you!
    Happy New Year!


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