Monday, December 6, 2010

MommyParties ~ Sponsored by Episencial

I was lucky enough to host one of the MommyParties sponsored by Episencial and given some of their incredible products to try out, and hand out to many of my friends. The image above is of the tremendous box that I received for the party. What a surprise when that arrived on my doorstep!

I put the goodie bags together to include the product samples, including one FULL SIZED sample, as well, along with coupons, product information and more. I couldn't fit them all into the box once they were filled up!

Personally, my daughter and I are absolutely in love with one of the products we were given to sample. It's the Episencial Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath. We use it for her before bed bath, or even at other times, and it's relaxing, bubble-filled, and smells great. And I know it's 100% safe for her skin.
So far the feedback I've gotten from friends who have tried the product samples has been great. We haven't had a chance to use the sunscreen yet, but a new staple that stays in my not-exactly-a-diaper-bag-anymore-bag is their Protective Face Balm.
It's become a staple for my daughter, AND for me. It's great when it's windy out, or when your cheeks are just starting to feel a little raw. It's also great before and after swimming, which we do every week. And protects her delicate skin from the harsh chemicals that the pool needs to be functioning for all swimmers.

I'd like to thank Episencial and MommyParties for giving me an opportunity to host this party. I'm sorry I don't have more pictures, but when the kids got to playing and the moms got to chatting, my camera was the last thing on my mind!

**I was given a variety of products to review from Episencial Skincare via MommyParties. I was also given a substantial selection of samples to give to my friends who attended my "party" (which for us was more like a playdate) so they could take them home to try out. I was not compensated for the review or for hosting this event.**


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