Friday, November 19, 2010

I really should be in bed ...

So it's after four o'clock (I am actually awake, I didn't schedule this post) and I've decided to post the write-up I was doing in my head at about 5AM yesterday. See, I've been sick (didn't you know?) and yesterday I woke up at 5 with a coughing fit, took my "supposed to make you sleepy" medicine and was up for the day when my daughter woke 45 minutes later (WTH!?!).

And now I woke up at three, and here I am. I tried to stay in bed but the cough wouldn't stop. I honestly thought that last night I was up due to lack of another medication, that without it my mind tends to wander and race, and all the fun things that you can't shove aside in the dark of the night come twirling, spinning and gliding through my brain. What? You mean this only happens to me?

So last night I started a post, and now I can't think of it. I should have just got out of bed and grabbed a pen, journal, phone, iPad, (all things that I wouldn't have had to come downstairs for - yes, we have an iPad now - don't judge me, my husband won it on a business trip in San Francisco. He gets the travel time, I deserve get the iPad. So there. Who am I kidding? The kid uses it more than either of us combined, but whatever ... she was asleep for those 45 minutes ... but I digress. Or whatever I should be calling it at now 4:22AM).

So since I can't come up with all that was important in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, I'll just take a quick stab at what's on my mind now. Like how I should be asleep. But besides that ...

Why is it that every single fall I get sick? If you can't get sick from the weather, tell me more about what's happening here? I mean, I actually didn't turn my heat on until mid-November, just about, and I still got zonked with it. Honestly, it really happens EVERY year, and I must remind myself for 2011 that I need to get the ducts or vents or whatever they are cleaned BEFORE we switch to the heat. No matter what it costs. Maybe it'll save me from having three medications. Did I mention these wonderful meds yet? No? Well, bear with me ... I may get there.

Proof that this happens to me every year:


2009 - II.

2009 - III. Why can't I sleep?

** Sort of ... Not an entire post, but so appropriate for me being awake right now. STILL awake, that is.

Who takes care of mommy? 2009

Damn, I talk about being sick a lot ...

The post I've been looking for ... My first 'roid related post!

OK, so I totally lied and the only proof I can provide is how sick I was in 2009. That sucks. I didn't even really get into the whole house being taken down by the swine flu in there!

Le' sigh.

I'm going to try to get some sleep now. My luck the child will wake up at another crazy early hour and I'll be more miserable than I already am. Thanks for reading. Or maybe I have been the perfect blur for you to fall [back?] asleep to. But seriously, my posts are good. You know? They're funny, even. Ah, not really. I just like to b!tch a lot when I'm sick. But come on - who doesn't? Stay healthy!

p.s. I never realized that the time-stamp when a post goes live is from when you STARTED the post. So it's not quite 4:17 right now after hitting publish, it's more like 4:47. It took me 30 minutes to dig all that dreck up to entertain you. So I hope you are happy. I really need to go now. ;)


  1. Oh girl, that was me yesterday... up at 4, but not because I was sick, because the news on the front page of Wednesday paper has me worried about my job next year. Of course, it's 5:20 and I'm up, but I've been finding that I get more done if I get up now... but 4 is early!

    Feel better... at least by 12/4!

  2. Good gosh I hope you got back to sleep :-(
    We get sick every fall too. 2 years ago I had a long running cold that never got better (then I was a little foolish and ran a marathon anyhow) and I ended up w/ pneumonia.
    Last fall I had a really sore throat for over a month, which I thought was allergies, until I gave it to one of the newborn twins and he had to go on antibiotics. At 2 months old. Sob.
    This year we're on our 2nd or 3rd cold - but I'm really hoping it doesn't become a
    Feel better!! Being sick bites.

  3. Oh who does take care of us when we take ill? I do feel your pain as I seem to have the same problem every single year! Hope you feel better soon:)

  4. I hope you feel better soon!

    I was really sick about 2 weeks ago. No sympathy from my husband. Now, HE'S sick and he just texted me to bring him juice. Seriously????

  5. Us moms never get a day off. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I hope you are feeling better. I used to get sick every fall until I realized that I have fall allergies. If I catch my allergies with some good 12 hour allergy medicine right away I don't get sick any more.

    Why do kids always decided to get up early when you NEED them to sleep in...or at least until their normal wake up time?!?

  7. Sooooo sorry about the coughing and being sick and not sleeping, Andrea. That is never fun. Are you taking lots of Vitamin C and Zinc (but you can't take them together---wait a few hours between taking each one). Also, Echinacea (sp?) is good for the immune system. Sounds like you need a boost of vitamins, girlie!!!

    Feel better soon!
    Also, please tell me exactly what an iPad is? I have an iPod, but i KNOW it's not the same. an iPad is like a big computer, right? I'm so dumb.


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