Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Word-ish Wednesday: Keep America Warm

If you're interested in finding out more about how to Keep America Warm and wish to help provide warm winter coats for those in need, please let me know. I'm arranging a collection of coats here in the Triangle area of NC, and working with That One Mom / Friends You Love to help coordinate drives across the blogosphere.

Don't you want to help a little one feel as warm and toasty as my daughter did last winter? One Warm Coat is working with people across the country to coordinate drives and assist with distributing the collected coats to those in need. So take a minute to sort through your closets. You must have something you can pass on to someone to help them feel some love as the cooler weather draws in.

And let me know if you'd like to help blog about it, too. You can connect w/ other local bloggers and work together. What a networking opportunity, on top of doing some incredible good. Thanks so much!


  1. Good for you! We hold a coat drive in our city and so far we've collected 1,000 coats!

  2. That's a great program!

  3. That is a wonderful idea... We always go through the closets and when we get new jackets if we are able we grab a few extras to give away also.


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