Sunday, September 26, 2010

Capturing the Moments: Part I

It's really difficult to take pictures of a moving subject. Have you ever thought of that? I would say that I'm a pretty good photographer. Not a professional, by any means, and not even someone who would classify it as a hobby. But when it comes to taking pictures of my child, well, it's nearly impossible to feel even the least bit talented or remotely qualified.

My daughter is three. She's always on the go. I seem to be trying to get some fun pictures of her all the time, and, well, they don't turn out as well as I hope they will. Thank goodness for digital cameras, right?

What did I expect to happen? Well, I expected that the child who used to stand still and say cheese might resurface. She sometimes does, but not always. And I thought that maybe, just maybe, she'd ham it up a bit and pose for me. And then I could turn around and say, 'See? I've still got it!' Alas, not happening.

So I suppose I'll just resort to hiring professional photographers, who may have a better chance at tiring her out and getting her to just freeze for that one moment. That one second that brings so much more to a memory than the mind.

It helps you reflect when the mind questions. It helps you remember exactly what was worn, and where you were. And sometimes, if the color is just right you may even feel you can smell the flowers that surround you.

Maybe someday I'll be able to capture that in my child again. Maybe. Maybe not. But either way, I'll know it's in there. Somewhere. And in the meantime, here's one of my favorite action shots (I'll admit I enhanced the color a little bit. Picnik is a wonderful website!) of her from over the summer. Her hair is all wild and crazy after hitting that wacky scrunchy ball with her head. I love it!

And stay tuned to my blog as later this week I'll offer you a chance at winning a way to share the moments you've captured with those you love ...


  1. Those moving targets are hard to capture. Like this action shot.

  2. That photo is sooo awesome. I love it!

  3. I think that the best pictures are the ones that aren't posed for. I really like this shot. It shows the true energy!!!

  4. Funny you just posted this b/c this morning we met our photographer at the park for photos. We prefer casual shots (i.e. not in a studio) and am hopeful we got some ones. He's nice b/c he gives you everything on a cd, so you don't have to mess w/ copyright stuff and ordering all these expensive prints. You just upload everything to Snapfish or whatever and order the sizes you want. Love it!


  5. At some point she will STOP moving long enough for great photos. Very cute picture!

  6. Those actions shots are so hard to catch. Always on the move.

  7. My pictures are always haphazard and blurry, much like my boys. We did get a friend to take some AMAZING candids at the beach this year. I will always treasure them. And thanks for letting me know about PickNik.

  8. That is a great shot and an action packed memory all at a glance.


  9. lol The rule of thumb in my house take 100 hope to get 1 good one.

  10. Beautiful shot:)

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  11. That is a really fun great shot and I totally love it, you captured the joy of toddlerhood :D

    My son is almost 4 and it's been so hard getting his pictures now too. On some good days he'll pose but decided to experiment with plenty of silly faces for the camera LOL.


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