Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Goal for Today

I am sitting here while my daughter is running amok upstairs (yes, I just used the word amok - what of it?) and hubby is in the shower.

I'm taking a little time to sift through my Google reader, check out the peeps I follow, update some newbies and trying to comment on as many blogs as I can today.

I've neglected some of you lately, and that's not cool by me. So, I'd like to touch base and say hey. A small hi or a smile. Even a quick what's up?

If I don't get to you today, I will this week. That's my goal. To make it through at least one post for each blog in my entire reader.

I have no clue HOW many blogs I follow or have in my reader, but we'll see how this goes. It's a mini-challenge to myself. I think it'll be fun.

And if I haven't said hi yet, and you have started following me in the last month or so, sorry. I'm still catching up post-vacation. Yes, yes, it was weeks ago, I know! I'm getting there.

So I'll see ya in your 'hood!


  1. I have been trying to do the same thing, lately! I need to go through and delete inactive blogs also. Good luck with your goal :) Have a great day!

  2. Good luck catching up. It is hard to do. I'm working on it too.

  3. Now, that's a goal! Have fun reading. I'll keep mine short and sweet! :+)

  4. That will definitely keep you busy! Hope you reach your goal!

  5. Seriously, it is sooo hard with so many amazing writers out there. I wish there were just more hours in the day (or at a minimum that my kids could entertain themselves for longer periods so I could catch up)! Thanks for visiting my site. off to poke around more on yours! Loving it!

  6. No worries! The summer has kicked my blogging behind, as well. Glad that you dropped by -- I should be around the neaighborhood much more myself.


  7. Everyone is a little out of the routine right now, I think! :)

  8. Hi! I'm in the same boat! I think most bloggers totally get it :)

  9. That is quite the goal! I feel like I can never get the Google Reader count down to zero unread items (I refuse to push - mark all as read. I feel like I am cheating if I do that. Don't know why). Happy Reading and commenting!

  10. hey babe :-)

    I her you, I am still running behind on my blog reading, but better late than never, right?

  11. Well thanks for being sweet enough to stop by and say hi. :) I've got tons of catching up to do too. But first, I've gotta clean that poop off the hotel room floor. lol

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud


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