Friday, July 23, 2010

TGIF! And it's Friday-Follow time!

I hope this hot as heck fine Friday finds you all well, dear readers.

My day, thus far has been crazy busy, and totally stressful such a beautiful one.

I had a healthy horrible breakfast of three honey butter Pillsbury biscuits, have already eaten a bowl of freshly made leftover spaghetti and homemade jarred sauce for lunch, and I've spent the last few minutes deciding which educational show horror is the lesser of the two evils? That pain-in-the-a$$ purple dinosaur named Barney evil fricker or those totally drugged up creatures crazy characters on Yo Gabba Gabba.

I've opted for the latter, because, well, Hugs are fun is much better than I love you ... you love me ... shut the eff up, would you, Barney?

I'm in a good mood, I promise. I am also not always so -- ehem -- visibly cranky. I promise, all you new Friday-Follow friends!

Anyway, I'm packing for a nice long vacation trip from he!! ... we head to visit our families. One 500 miles away, the other 500 miles after that. As you can guess, my mind is racing with ideas of what to bring to entertain the evil toddler child for the longest drive in creation. Oy vey.

DVD player is ready, as are multiple movies, CDs, etc. At least I think some of them are. I need to figure that out. Damn, this really DOES suck. Where is the packing and checklist fairy when I need that b!tch? her?

OK, so anyway, I promise I am a sweet blogger, one you'll truly enjoy and I always have your back as long as you promise to have mine, as well, should I need you or go off the deep end!

I'm just in a STRIKING ... no, wait, I wanted to say that one ... STRIKING kind of mood right now, and I truly wanted to join in on the Friday-Follow fun. And holy wow, or cow, as the choice may be! Last I checked, there were like 300 peeps signed up. Woah!

Oh Happy DAY!


  1. thanks for the follow, Andrea. Following you back :)

  2. Hey Lady,
    I gave you some bloggy love on my site. Come swing by and pick her up!!!

  3. I had leftover spaghetti with shrimp for breakfast, so don't feel bad.

    Lunch was gum.

  4. Those YGG dudes are totally geeked up on something! I can't believe I'm just now finding you! Admit it, you love the South! Don't you!!!


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