Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Little Tikes Picnic Table from CSN Stores

This table is a lifesaver!

My child loves it!

And it has not even left our house yet!

I recently had an opportunity to review any item of my choice (within a certain $ parameter) from CSN Stores. As many of you know, CSN stores have such a variety of inventory it's nearly impossible to choose. As this is one of the first opportunities I have found to review an item of value not just to me, but to my child, as well, I took it. I mean, wouldn't you?

I decided to review the Little Tikes Picnic Table seen

And it was actually pretty easy to put together, although I had to wait for my hubby to do it, as I was afraid I might break it before we had a chance to use it ... oops. That would have been bad.

And so, we have it in our living room, as you can see from the pictures below. It's our arts & crafts table, it's our snack (or sometimes meals) eating table, it's our collect things that don't belong on the floor table, too.

It is super easy to clean, and does fold up so we can put it away, or bring it out with us, and it'll be great when it cools down enough and we can BBQ and eat outside. It even came with an adorable umbrella, which I had to hide so my daughter wouldn't decide it belonged in and open INSIDE the house.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this product. I expected nothing less from Little Tikes, as they always make the best of everything. The process of ordering through CSN stores was really easy, and they sent me updates as I waited for the item to arrive. It actually got here before they thought (and told me) that it would. And that was excellent! I definitely will be shopping with them again, and look forward to checking out the over 200 stores they have available online.

**This review was done on a product I received for free from CSN stores. I did not have to pay for the item, or for S&H. I was not compensated in any other way for this review. **


  1. Look how cute she is in her sundress! Looks like the table is a hit :-)

  2. She is adorable and we LOVE all Little Tikes products! woohoo!

  3. She is so cute!! Looks like she really loves that table!! Great choice!

  4. I didn't have the picnic table, but we had their table and chairs and it was the best purchase I ever made!

  5. I just bought this one! I am giving it as a b-day gift to my neice. I hope she likes it too. She is just turning one so she'll have to grow a bit yet but that is what my sister wants her to have. Glad to hear you like it.


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