Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello Out There!

Hello from the road!

We're in beautiful and chilly Maine this morning. Seriously, It's 69* out there, and my feet are freezing.

We've made our way up North through New York, where, if you don't follow me on Twitter, we spent a good day at Coney Island with the wee one and my parents. She loved it. She went on ride after ride and truly enjoyed. We spent some time with my brother/sister-in-law and niece. And our girls had a blast hanging out together. They're 6 weeks apart and it's excellent to see them spending time with one another. Too few and far between.

Up here in the greater North we've spent time with the ILs, and my niece and nephew came up a few nights ago. It's great to see her playing with her cousins. My niece is 6 and my nephew is 5. She's awesome when she tells them not to fight. And when she tries to get their attention. My kid's awesome, overall, and seems to be growing awful quickly while we're on the road.

Anyway, just popped in to say hi. Click the airplane below to find out more about Friday-Follow. It's where you find yourself with new friends in bloggy-land. And forgive me if I don't follow you back right away. I'm only here in spirit last week and this coming week, but I did pop in today for realz. ;)

Chat atcha later!


  1. Hello!
    New follower from one of the friday blog hops!!! Hope you have a wonderful friday!


    PS i also host a weekly blog hop... feel free to check it out!

  2. WOW! Its cold up there! Glad you are enjoying family time! :)


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