Sunday, June 6, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Have to Say

* The kitchen is not really a place for pooping.

* It's not very nice to have your finger in your nose.

* Can you PLEASE say hi to (fill in the blank) ... your cousin? Nana? Meme?

* Bugs are not for breakfast. Bugs are for snack time.

* I don't have Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Let's watch something else.

* Did you poop? Are you pooping?

Or any variation of this as many times daily as I do.

* Don't sit down, you'll squish it!

* You cannot have another yogurt!

* You don't need to wear contacts (you're only three, enjoy this time, would you!?! Because if you end up with eyes like mine it won't be long now ...)

* You CAN do it yourself. Yes. You CAN.


  1. I was not aware that there was ever a time for bugs!

  2. LMAO @ don't sit down, you'll squish it!

  3. hahahaha! Did you poop? Are you pooping? :-D

    Stella has been fully toilet trained only for a few months, so now I can laugh at this :-)

  4. how bout things you never thought you'd hear like "mommy!!! come wipe my butt" LOL

  5. Hilarious! I like that our kids are so used to the DVR world. Big Roo always wants me to just magically pop a show on. Telling him we don't have it goes right over his head!

  6. I say that last one all the time, yet for some reason I find myself doing things for them constantly that i know they can do on their own.


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