Sunday, May 30, 2010

Never Let You Go ~ Book Review

Let me start off by saying that I wasn't sure what to expect from this book.

Basically, when I started reading Never Let You Go, I was thinking I'd be focused on the main character, Lexi, and that I'd spend the pages watching her work hard at fixing her life and protecting her daughter, only to fall back into the traps of her past.

Lexi is a single mom to Molly, who seems to be more the parental figure than Lexi, herself, is. They live with Gina, their "roommate," in a 2 bedroom apartment. Lexi's husband Grant left her many years ago, after dealing and dabbling in various kinds of drugs.

Great, right? Lexi's mom is a traveling woman, who reviews restaurants (I think, honestly what she did was not something I focused on, so forgive me if I err there!) and walked away from her husband after his mental break, which happened after Lexi's sister was killed. Even better, isn't it? Whew.

Anyway, Lexi is working several jobs to maintain her life and take care of her daughter. When out of the past comes -- well -- too many people from the shadows. Grant returns, as does Ward(en), and her sister's killer is up for parole. Too many evils surround her at once. All she wants to do is protect her daughter. She finds a savior shows up in her life just when she or Molly needs him. He's handsome, powerful, and everywhere she turns. Should she be suspicious? Should she just relax in his seemingly endless support? How is it that he shows up exactly when she needs him to be there? He saves Molly's life. Saves her life. Saves Molly's life again.

So much of Lexi's past unravels here in the present day. Will Grant try to take Molly away from her? What does Ward TRULY want? Is Lexi losing her mind? How can she protect her daughter? How can she help her father? Will she let her mother help her? What will happen next?

As I started this book I had some of my own suspicions about where the story would lead. I read a little bit about the author and the book on her website, and at some point looked at the back of the book to determine the "genre." This book had three! Fiction, Suspense, and Christian. Interesting, no? And yet I kept reading!

I definitely enjoyed the book, although it would not be something I'd consider my normal type of read. If you're into mystery and suspense, with a little religious undertones, you'll enjoy it. And even if you don't go for the religious aspect, you'll still enjoy the story and the way it all plays out. Suspend your disbelief. That's normally what we do when we read and watch movies, anyway, right? Think to ourselves, HOW could that possibly ... No way, that would *never* happen ... What on Earth? and so on.

Get your copy of Never Let You Go today.

Happy reading!

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  1. Oooo, you've intrigued me now. My favorite genre is a good thriller and if the religious aspect is not overt but very subtle, that doesn't bother me. Sometimes they can be too preachy. This one sounds good!

  2. That does sound interesting. Even though I'm a Christian I usually find the books in that genre lacking. This one sounds pretty intriguing though.

  3. Now THAT sounds interesting. May have to check that one out. Funny story. My blog just turned TWO! Whoot! I read somewhere that two is really like TWENTY in Blog Years. Anyway, I went back..way back to those early days when my blog was a baby. I read the stories...and WOW, I was pretty green back then. Then I read the comments and there YOU were! Cool! So THANKS for supporting me "back then" and stop back by for a peek of me two years later. Thanks!


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